Paper Towns by John Green

Hey there,

So last week I finished reading Paper Towns. I had all of these great intentions of telling everyone about the greatness that was this novel. Alas, school and general existence decided to delay me last week. But here I am now.

Paper Towns was certainly thoroughly enjoyable.

Basically, for those of you who don’t know, the book is narrated by a teenager, named Quentin, and he has this thing for Margo Roth Spiegelman. Margo Roth Speigelman was this girl Quentin was friends with as a little kid but in high school he’s friends with the band kids and she’s the Queen Bee, so to say. Quentin puts Margo Roth Speigelman on a pedestal; she is like a goddess to him and no mere human because he finds her way too amazing. But then she goes missing, no one knows if she’s dead or alive, and Quentin is determined to find her. In order to do so, Quentin must get to know Margo Roth Spiegelman and, in doing so, realize that she’s just a girl and love her for her, not as the girl he built in his mind.

It’s fascinating to me how John Green can write these amazing novels with these amazing pictures about humanity. For those of you who have also read The Fault In Our Stars, there was that beautiful analogy with the novel that Hazel Grace is in love with. She is worried about what happened to the mom, hamster and the mom’s new husband at the end of this novel she likes because the main character dies. But in the long run, you realize what she needed all along was to know what would happen to her mom when she was going to die of cancer. In Paper Towns, there is another analogy literally about paper towns; it’s all about how things are built up to have this front but if you push against it, it’s just a paper-thin façade. In the end, Quentin has to realize that what people see about Margo is just that: paper. He has to accept her humanity and love her for that anyhow. You don’t know how things will go between Quentin and Margo when the book ends, but it just gets to the point where that isn’t the point any more.

I was watching the VlogBrothers where John Green was talking about how Paper Towns is being made into a movie in 2015. I do believe that if nothing else, the movie will be faithful; I suppose during The Fault in Our Stars that John was actually on the set most of the time. The girl who is playing Margo Roth Speigelman is really suited to the part, according to the comments. I haven’t actually heard of this actress before. I thought she looked far to old to be an 18 year old in grade 12, maybe mid 20’s, but that seems standard practice in Hollywood anyhow, and that might have just been that particular image. I am sure she will be great. Judging by the comments on this particular video, the casting of Margo seemed to be of the most importance and had a lot of positive feedback.

There is roughly 1 year to read the book, assuming the movie releases in the late summer or fall. Happy reading! – Andrea


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