The Spark by Kristine Barnett

I read The Spark about a year ago an to this day it remains one of my most favourite biographies.

I was completely fascinated by what happened in this novel. It is all about a boy named Jake. His mom is the author, Kristine Barnett. When he was a toddler, Jake’s parents found out he was autistic – the doctors didn’t think he would ever tie his shoes or speak. But it turns out he is a genius and super good at physics and astronomy. His mom found a way to unlock his talents and he is now completely capable of tying his shoes and speaking – and more. When the book was written, Jake was working on a theory in physics that, if proven correct, would put him in line to get a Nobel Prize, and he was only about 14 at the time.

I realize I might be overly fascinated by this book because of how I used to work with disabled children, but I honest to god think this book is amazing on it’s own merit, regardless of my personal interest in the area.

I have occasionally remembered about the book and watched YouTube videos about Jake. There is one where he is lecturing about something and is so excited about it. In another video he is trying to explain how he had to learn that people do not necessarily have his paralleled interest in physics. This boy is fascinating to me. I want everyone to read this book because fascinating people such as Jake Barnet should be known about


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