Disney Bounding

Last Halloween (2013) I wasn’t really interested in spending a ton of money on a costume I would never get to wear again. My friend introduced me to DisneyBounding, which is basically where you use clothes in your everyday wardrobe to dress like a Disney character.

DisneyBounding doesn’t have to be only during Halloween, you can “secretly” dress like your favourite characters in your everyday life without people really even noticing because you can wear normal clothes. I’ve personally never tried this, but I am sure many other people have.

Fans of Disney movies have dedicated Tumblr pages and Pinterest accounts to showing off their DisneyBounding creations.

You find characters like Bell, Peter Pan, Merida, Mulan, Belle, Ariel and others as you can see by my examples here:


There are also non-Disney characters like Harry Potter, Hermione, Loki, Han Solo, generally Hufflepuff, Daenaryes from the Game of Thrones and more.


During my first venture DisneyBounding I ended up going as Hans Solo. I wore black pants, a loose, button up white shirt and a leather vest. It was not super accurate because I really didn’t have the skill to be sewing red stuff up the sides of my pants… But my efforts did the trick

So to those of you who want to dress a little more like your favourite characters or, like me, have trouble picking out Halloween costumes, I present to you: DisneyBounding. Go forth with this knowledge, be friends with Pinterest, and remember, knowledge is power, power to “secretly” dress like your favourite characters.


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