The Three Dragons Theory; Parents in the Game of Thrones

SPOILERS – don’t read this if you are behind on the Game of Thrones.

* Bare in mind that neither of the theories about Tyrion’s or Jon’s parentage are my own original ideas, they are theories that have been floating around online for ages, or more recently in the case of Tyrion’s parentage. Originally, a friend told me about Jon’s parentage, andBuzzfeed is my source for Tyrion’s parentage theory *

This September 2014, a fan created theory came out on Buzzfeed about Tyrion Lannister’s supposed “true” parentage. The theory hypothesized that Tyrion is really a Targaryen.

The other theory that has been running around for a while longer is that Jon Snow is half Targaryen and half Stark. If both of the theories are correct, this makes Daenerys and Tyrion half siblings and they would be Jon Snow’s aunt and uncle.

These just two fan-generated theories about Tyrion Jon and they could be wrong, just like the theory about Jon Snow’s true parentage could be wrong.

In fact, a few months ago I read an article (or two or three) about an interview that was conducted with George R.R. Martin, the author of the series, where he was saying he had all of this freedom to kill off POV characters in the sixth book. This is pretty concerning for me because the man already seems to really enjoy killing off main characters so I can’t even begin to picture what it looks like when he suddenly has all this extra “freedom” to do so. It seems to me that he was already taking a lot of liberal use of his right to kill off his characters. It’s his series, so I suppose he can do so. But seriously, Mr. Martin, how have you defined what you’ve been doing up to this point? Were you showing self-restraint? Say it ain’t so!


As much as I would love it if Jon, Dany and Tyrion were all related, it is possible that dear ol’ Mr. Martin will just go off and kill one of them or even all of them just because he can. Although, if he does so, I’m sure he has a reason and I will love the series any ways. I really wouldn’t put it past Mr. Martin to have the White Walkers win just for the hell of it. But I really don’t think I can handle it if he kills Jon, Dany, Tyrion or Arya. Not that Arya is really pertinent to this particular theory, she just happens to be one of my four favourite characters.


What you need to know first is the theory about Jon Snow’s parents, this is a well-published and deeply discussed theory. From the books, as well as the TV show, we know that Jon Snow is the bastard son of Ned Stark.

We know that Ned Stark had recently married to Catelyn Stark when he went to fight in the rebellion with Robert Baratheon against the Targaryen’s. The mad King Arys Targaryen was on the throne and Jaime Lannister went in and killed him and sat on the throne, which earned him the title of King Slayer. Ned Stark came into the throne room but he turned down the throne so kingship went to Robert Baratheon. (All of which and more you can figure out by reading the books or watching the show)

Ned returned to Winterfell after the rebellion with a baby, Jon Snow, and claims him as his own. Ned never told anyone who Jon Snow’s mother was. Before he went off to King’s Landing, Ned promised Jon that he was going to tell him who his mother is. Then Ned lost his head and that never happened.

Where it gets complicated is that people don’t think that Ned Stark is really Jon Snow’s biological dad. They think that Ned was far too honourable to have had an affair, even though he was newly married to Catelyn and it was “normal” for men to have affairs while at war. This next bit wasn’t in the TV show so non-GoT-book-readers may not know this; there were moments in the book where Ned is remembering how he promised Leanna Stark something. You never really find out what this promise is, it’s just “I promise” and that’s it, and then Ned stark lost his head. The absence of Ned’s head is definitely a serious detriment in finding out what the deal is here, but I remain convinced that there is some living or semi-living person who will come forth with answers, I just don’t know who or when.

The fan-generated theory is that Leanna Stark is really the mother of Jon Snow and Rhaegar Targaryen is his father. What we know is that Leanna was engaged to Robert Baratheon before Rhaegar Targayen took her, although I am not sure if he kidnapped her or if she went willingly. Apparently this action sparked the rebellion. Towards the end of the rebellion, Ned Stark found Leanna in a room up in a tower and she was in a bloody bed dying. This is when he promised her something, and like I said, the specifics of this promise were not mentioned.

What many fans think is that Leanna Stark died giving birth to Jon Snow, hence the bloody bed. Jon is the child between Leanna and Rhaegar, and Ned Stark claimed Jon as his own in order to protect him. After the rebellion, the living Targaryen’s were being hunted and killed, so if it was known that Jon Snow was a Targaryaenen he probably would have been killed too. However, if this theory holds true, Jon Snow has a much better claim to the throne than Danyearus because Rhaegar, his hypothetical father, was the heir to the throne. Dany and her brother, Viserys, were younger than Rhaegar, meaning that Rhaegar’s children would have been heirs to the Iron Throne before his younger siblings.

The theory about Jon’s parents has been labeled as R + L = J, which stands for Raegar + Leanna = Jon.

CS 65 Friday 22nd October 2010

Moving on to the newest fan theory, some people now believe that Tyrion is possibly a Targaryen and not a Lannister. Joanna was Tywin’s wife and she died giving birth to Tyrion. People think that the mad king, Arys, who is Danaerys’s father, took liberties with Joanna. Whether it was consensual or forced, these fans assume that it went on for a while and that Joanna conceived a child by Arys Targaryen. To this end, Tyrion is not a Lannister because he is the son of a Targaryen. The theory hypothesizes that Tyrion’s parentage explains Tywin’s hatred of Tyrion, his constant rejection of Tyrion and complaint that “I cannot prove you are not mine.” Additionally, these fans think that Tyrion is more like the Tarygaryans than the Lannisters, such as how he likes reading and is fascinated with dragons.

So the Buzzfeed theory about Tyrion has been combined with the Jon Snow to assume that they are the three heads of the dragon, along with Daenerys. This is because those creepy guys with the blue lips in the House of the Undying told Dany that “the dragon has three heads.” This was when the same creeps stole her dragons, so who knows if they are really credible sources or what they really meant. Jon, Dany and Tyrion all had moms who died giving birth to them and that supposedly makes them the three dragons because they (theoretically) all have Targaryen blood and apparently that’s just how it works.

The theory carried on to talk about what implications Tyrion being a Targaryen, along with Jon, could have for the series. Basically, what you need to know is that the theory assumes they’ll have to create some kind of pact that will bring them closer to the throne.

Anyhow, these two theories are something I discussed at length with my brother, who is also a fan of the series. We think that there is the possibility that Jon Snow is supposed to be the king because the series is officially called “The Song of Fire and Ice”. Obviously this is aided by the fact that Jon has a closer claim to the throne if he really is the child of Rhaegar and Leanna, but it is also helped along with the bit with the fire and the ice in the series title. Daeneryes is only fire because she is all Tarygaryen. According to the theory, Tyrion is only half Lannister, which is the fire, but Joanna, his mom, has nothing to do with ice. However, Jon is half Stark and half Taryaryen, or ice and fire.

Stark motto: winter is coming

Taryaryen motto: Fire and blood

One family motto is about fire and the other family motto is about ice (winter). The Starks supposedly used to be kings as well. So could Jon really be the true king? And will his hypothetical Aunt Dany and Uncle Tyrion help little Johnny to claim throne?

This is really all speculation and George R.R. Martin could kill any of these characters in the sixth book, but it is a very interesting theory and fun to entertain.


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