Mockingjay, a fabulous social commentary *SPOILERS*

… They did a really good job with it.

They really did. It’s a corrupt system where people are kept down by being made to be overworked, by being given no opportunities, by not being allowed to hunt for themselves, where they aren’t allowed to have contact with anyone else who live in different places and then they make the kids kill each other off so that one victor can be worshiped. They’re all forced to watch this spectacle. They’re all kept in the dark, lied to, and kept living in fear with just enough hope.

It’s the one thing President Snow got right – you can’t rule with fear alone, people need just enough hope for a better future.

So you get this insane system with propoganda and lies and fear. Even the “good guys” won’t tell the whole truth because they need their people to believe whole heartedly in their cause to get rid of the nastier guys in the capital.

If you think about it, the messages about politics and social change are riddled throughout the entire Hunger Games series.

*SPOILERS* – starting here

This past weekend I watched Mockingjay. President Snow uses Peeta and Annie to manipulate Katniss and Finnick. They fight many battles and try to inspire people, they have to be really propoganda-esqued about it because that’s the only way (supposedly). In the end, they find out that Peeta has been “hijacked” by the Capitol – he tries to kill Katniss (who he loves) because of a fear response that was beaten into him. He’s trashing around on a bed in a white room while President Coin in District 13 gives this inspirational speech about how “we saved the victors now we’ll save everyone else from the Capitol” and it seems sick because she makes it sound like they had this great victory and success while Peeta is obviously very unwell, which kind of indicates it’s not all ok and not such an easy task which she is motivating people to do, and people are cheering around her, while Katniss is watching Peeta go mad.

You kind of have to wonder what kind of grand point is being made about our society through this story.


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