Some thoughts about sweat pants

Do I absolutely hate sweat pants? No, but only because that’s to strong of a word to attribute to an article of clothing. But definitely I kind of strongly dislike sweat pants. They are the kinds of things that people wear when they want to lounge around the house when they don’t plan to go out in public. They are 100% comfort and 0% attraction – and the last pair or 2 of “true” sweat pants that I owned weren’t even that comfortable, so it kind of defeated the purpose because I couldn’t even comfortably look lazy.

*NOTE: for this next part, any time I specify a specific location, such as school, just assume that what I really mean is “at all ever, any where, and under 99% of all circumstances except at home”

People who wear sweat pants to school (or even to get groceries) are comparable, in my opinion, to people to insist on wearing pyjamas to the same venues. It’s a very particular pet peeve of mine. I’ve always felt like people who are wearing sweat pants at school look lazy and sloppy, and there is no other way to put it.

I find that yoga pants are 1 step up because they can be worn at the gym, exercise wear isn’t lazy like sweat pants (although, people who wear sweat pants at the gym might fall into the 1% of circumstances where I don’t want to sigh or roll my eyes and wish I could tell you how to dress)…. So, for example, leggings don’t count as sweat pants (at all, ever), because you can still have a really nice outfit that includes leggings, like maybe it’s -20 (celsius) out and you want to wear a wool dress and throw on a pair of leggings so you can keep your legs warm. I often wear leggings, leather boots and a long sweater, for example, and it looks perfectly respectable.

Basically moral of the story is that “sweat pants” look lazy… always. Yoga pants look respectable and are ok in my opinion because they’re fitted and are still able to flatter people. And leggings are just leggings, they’re like thick tights (AKA, respectable). I don’t really think you should be wearing any of these in a very professional/corporate situation, at a classy/dressy party, etc., so even leggings (the top of the stretchy pants food chain) are still lower down on the overall clothing food chain than things like jeans, dress pants, skirts, tights, and dresses, but still….

Honestly, I think the worst outfit I can imagine is Uggs, sweat pants and a hoody. It’s just soooooooo lazy and sloppy looking. It’s not like I expect people to dress up like celebrities all the time, but sweat pants are what you wear when you are really sick and can’t leave the house… Or are writing a massive report and can’t leave the house… Or are snowboarding/skiing and want something warm to wear under your snow pants (in which case no one sees them until after the last call, and you go to your hotel/house, and change clothes before dinner – but in this case, I won’t burn holes in the back of your head if you skip that changing step, just this one time)… They aren’t what you wear when you have gone to class or work or to a group meeting or shopping etc. but people do this any how, much to my chagrin.

I don’t know about everyone else, but personally when I go out where people might see me, I like to look at least respectably decent, even if it is a simple outfit such as jeans, tshirt and a hoody (about as chill as can be). Heck, I don’t even wear make up most days, so really, I’m not looking for a whole lot. To be fair, I also don’t own sneakers, but I do own a number flats, heels, sandals, and leather/swede boots, so even my “lazy” Yoga pants will be “covered up” in public because I’ll probably tuck the pants into a tall pair of leather boots.

I have been attending post secondary school for 6 years – first 5 years for an Honours BA at a university and now 1 year for a post graduate certificate at a college. I only feel like my dislike of sweat pants has grown. You’d think eventually I would become indifferent, but I really haven’t. I think it’s because I enjoy dressing nicely and I think sweat pants are “lazy”, so it’s really hard for me to not wonder why people don’t want to look at least some what decent when they come to class/work and why they’re so ok with looking “lazy”. I think I half expected people to eventually “grow up” and care a little more about appearances – I think most people did do so, but I still see so so many sweat pants around. I think it’s because, as students, we’re often busy and spend a lot of time sitting to do research… then sitting to write papers… then sitting some more to do class readings. So much time is spent sitting that no one wants to be stuck in jeans or other tight pants all the time. But then why can’t they at least change before coming to class? I don’t know…

Alas, as much as sweat pants are so totally NOT my favourite article of clothing, people will probably continue to wear them forever *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* As much as I would love to inform all people that sweat pants and lazy and sloppy and that they are “house wear” and never to wear them to class/work/etc., (AKA: wear them at home), this is not a valid option and people probably wouldn’t appreciate what I would intend as friendly, helpful advice. *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* (oh, so much sigh-ing over this particular thing).


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