An Abundance of Katherine’s by John Green

John Green always provides me with a good time. This is my third John Green book – “The Fault in Our Stars”, “Paper Towns” and now “An Abundance of Katherine’s”. This time the main character is Colin Singleton, a child prodigy who just graduated high school. He’s apparently in the midst of some kind of crisis because Katherine XIX (19) just dumped him and he’s worried about his child prodigy status. So Colin and his best friend Hassan go on a road trip and end up in Tennessee (they are from Chicago). It’s a good time there. They meet good people. Learn many life lessons. The book has a fabulous ending.

My favourite thing is how Colin thinks he can explain relationships with a mathematical theorem but he can’t figure it out properly. I wonder why not… Maybe because you can’t predict what relationships will work with math?

I really enjoyed this book as I always do with Mr. John Green. I highly recommend it.


3 thoughts on “An Abundance of Katherine’s by John Green

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