A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin

Bear with me for a second… So I love Game of Thrones. The series is all blood, gore, violence, sex, intrigue, drama and tons of complicated relationships. It’s one of those series where you can’t predict what will happen. I swear that Mr. Martin will just kill everyone just because he can. And because he felt like it. At some point I realized that George R.R. Martin said he has all this luxury to kill characters in the 6th Game of Thrones book and I’m all like “what!?” Dude kills people all the time, so I’m a little nervous about what “luxury to kill POV characters” will look like.

I started watching the Game of Thrones around the time season 3 came out in 2013. It was one of those things where my friend practically had to throw me out of her home in the middle of the night because I’d just watched 3 episodes and she needed to go to bed. So she kindly let me borrow the first 2 seasons and I was hooked. So I go away and read the first few books. Generally speaking I like reading the books before watching the movie so I had to play catch up. Fortunately the series is interesting enough that I could work with it – there are a bunch of books I just can’t get into once I’ve seen the movie first. Any how, I liked the first book the most.

I’ve just finished A Dance With Dragons, the fifth book in the series. It’s interesting because on one hand I love finding out what is going on but on the other it is such a tedious book and in a few cases I got bored.

This instalment was over 950 pages, and then has about 150-200 pages of supplementary materials, it’s just soooooop long. Then there are a bunch of characters I just don’t give a flying fart in outer space about. Namely the Greyjoys, or really anyone else from the Iron Isles – I know they are a part of the thickening plot and they are vying for power and so on, but they never really seem to be up to a whole lot. So after a while I got sick of trying to read the chapters about these characters and began skimming, and really I wasn’t missing a whole lot from what I could tell. I paid attention to Theon though. This is not normal reading behaviour for me so that says something, since I am usually happy to read about what ever the various characters are up to. It just got to the point where I wanted to be done – June 2014 to December 2014 is 7 months and mean while I probably read 10+ other books.

But I still loved the book, even though a few of the characters chapters bored me to tears, it’s just like that once I got passed the half way point the book started getting a little dull because I felt like they’d dumped on the surprises and now it was just mostly plotting and discussing and waiting for the next battle and trying to deal with The Wall and Danys dragons and problems in the city she lives in. Jon and Daenaryus and Arya and Tyrion are still kicking around and I love love love those characters so that makes me happy. They always do the greatest things. I was so interested in what those characters are up to and I think big things are about to happen in the 6th book. I am pretty worried about Jon though. He is in some serious shit and I hope he makes it. I’m not sure what happened to Dany, she’s with one of her dragons cause she finally figured out how to fly. So this is fantastic, but she’s a little stressed out and lost (literally, figuratively). We shall see. The 6th book seems super well set up for a lot of serious plot twists.

Apparently the 6th book is finally coming out next year and I can’t wait. I read 2015 though so it could still be almost a year of waiting. But it’ll be good times.


5 thoughts on “A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin

  1. I appreciate your gripes, but I was pretty happy with Book Five, but for whatever reason I was totally invested in Quentyn Martell’s story. The Martells in Book 4, I thought, were great, and so I was interested in catching up with what the young (but uncharismatic) prince was up to.

    I also think Euron Greyjoy is going to be a huge problem for Dany, and since I enjoy her story, I paid a fair amount of attention to the Greyjoy stuff.

    Like you, I’m hoping Book 6 is out in 2015, and like you, I want to read Jon Snow chapters. Jon Snow POV chapters.



    • I actually really like the Martells as well. I thought it was to bad Oberyn was killed. Oberyn was really interesting I thought. I like Theons chapters as well just because he is stuck in an interesting place. There are a bunch of places where I just want to know more – like Dany was in the middle of the Dothraki sea with her dragon and being approached by a khal and his khalisar, hm i want to know? A Dance With Dragons really picked up at the end in all fairness.

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      • You’re absolutely right about the pace picking up, racing at the end. NOOOOOOOOOoooooooo I said, when I realized I was done, and was desperate for book six.

        I miss Oberyn, but it would have been awful if he had lived and became a villain or something. GRRM has that mean streak.


      • Oh dear ol’ Mr. Martin. He definitely does have quite the mean streak. He was in an interview and said he has luxury to kill POV characters in book 6, which makes the book even more exciting but also “please. Not. My. Favourite. Characters”.

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