Pride Over Pity by Kailyn Lowry

Witnessing the experiences of teen mothers started young for me. There were probably 3 girls who had babies in my grade 12 class. 2 of my friends had babies the year before. In a little town, I think that teen pregnancies are more common. I’m sure sure if that’s true or not, it’s just that I knew a number of teen moms but my friends who lived in cities knew hardly any (if they knew any at all).

This is why I cheerfully read Kailyn Lowrys book Pride Over Pity. Teen Mom 2 had been a guilty pleasure of mine and I was interested in what she had decided to write a book about. I was shocked by how much she had to deal with by being on the show that had been behind the scenes. People were constantly criticizing her and stuff. I knew the show couldn’t show every last moment of her life. I always figured Kailyn had some things she needed to work though, but she’s still a human and if we didn’t know everything then we should have stayed shut up and apparently people didn’t think about that before saying horrid things about her. I really appreciate that this young women used her voice to share with others like that. It’s a momentous thing to be willing to expose yourself to be able share with people and to be willing to be an example and a story.

I understand the struggle because I’ve had friends who’ve been there and I’m glad that people will talk about it now. It wasn’t so long ago that pregnant girls would be hidden away. Literally. Kailyn is an impressive young woman. I would encourage everyone to read her book and hear her words. Until I read Pride Over Pity, I was unaware of the fact that she is bipolar, that she’s having (or probably had) another child, that she’s married and so on. I am really glad for how things have worked out for her. I think that her story is really impressive – parents, teenagers, and people who work with other young people could all stand to read this book.


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