The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

The Tearling Queen caught my eye after it emerged on one of iTunes featured books lists. I wanted to read it. I saw it again at Chapters, again being featured on a shelf. I really wanted to read The Tearling Queen.

I am certainly glad that I did purchase The Tearling Queen because it is a very interesting story about a girl coming into her place in the world, of betrayal, and loyalty. It’s a wonderful fantasy tale about Kelsea, a girl raised in hiding. She is the rightful queen of the Tear, a country that has to pay tribute to Mortmesne, a country that invaded hers 20 years before. Mortmesne is ruled by The Red Queen or the Queen of Mortmesne, and no one knows her real name (strange right?).

With her mother dead and her father unknown, Kelsea must rely on her queen’s guard to guide and protect her. She must rely on the wisdom of the peole who raised her, Barty and Carlin.

What I found most interesting about The Tearling Queen is how many questions I have that can make such a large impact as to what happens in the next two books (yes, it is a trilogy). Who is Kelsea’s father? I still don’t know, although I have my suspicions. What really happened to Kelsea’s mom? I was wondering if her mom might some how be the evil queen because of little things that are said in the book, but that’s probably not true. One nagging question is why are they in New London and this magical world? At some point people crossed over from our world to this world (or realm), and no one in the book was really questioning why. Maybe it’s because they have been in that world long enough as to not care why any more, but still, I kind of want to know if the circumstances are at all important to the plot.

The Queen of the Tearling is one of the top rated fantasy books of 2014 according to good reason. I can certainly see why because I could barely put it down. I enjoyed the subtle touches of magic, like being able to see the future, having prophetic dreams, and magic crystals. I enjoyed the light politics, and the characters who were essentially good for all that they had some pretty dark flaws.

The next book, The Invasion of the Tearling, is due for release around June 15, 2015 according to iTunes. If any of you are interested in this first book, I highly suggest you check it out.

More recently, I found out that they’re planning to make this book into a movie. According to what is available on the internet, Emma Watson will be playing the part of Kelsea as well as being the executive producer.


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