Gluten free peanut butter cookies for every peanut butter lover

Let’s start here: I love peanut butter. It’s tasty and awesome. I could literally eat it by the spoonful (which I may or may not do in reality).

Considering this, you’d think I’d have a peanut butter cookie recipe. Ok, fine I don’t make cookies a lot. Cookies tend to be something I burn 50% of the time and I’m pretty good at cooking. Honestly, I think my old oven sucked so that contributed to the problem and then I just sort of decided I’d rather bake different things. But I was feeling inspired and searched for a recipe on epicurious.

It’s gluten free peanut butter cookies. They don’t even have flour in them.

I’m pretty sure I am going to become a diabetic just by eating them but they’re totally worth it.

Check out the link here.






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