Why you should consider sponsoring a child

I am not much of one for trying to over do it with preaching why people should spend money on things. I bring this up because I believe that it is something that is important and would like to share some information for your consideration about child sponsorship.

I have been a child sponsor for years. I was in high school the first time I sponsored a child.

Currently, I have a child in Ecuador, Mongolia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Egypt (5 total). My mom and I share the costs of the sponsorships.

I try to write to all of the children every 1-2 months and they write back. The boy I sponsor in Mongolia is by far the most hilarious, when he writes he tells me about his grandpa’s horses that he races during the summer, how he won at his dance and music competitions, and how one time he forgot to do his homework and the teacher got mad so he always remembers now. He’s 11 now and I have been his sponsor since he was around 7 so it’s pretty amazing to see what kind of opportunities are open to him. He told me all about how his dad had a chance to go learn English. Pretty amazing right?

It’s not small thing, child sponsorship. When I went to Ecuador, I saw the differences that there being made. It might not be what you expect, but it’s still an amazing difference. My sponsor child there has braces and she wants to grow up to be a secretary, which is amazing because she’ll have employment opportunities, education, and so much more. Her community has a bakery now, World Vision bought the materials needed for that. This means that there is a source of income and that the people living there do not have to travel long distances just to buy bread (I think the closest place was almost 45 minutes away just to buy bread). It’s a small thing, but I honestly can’t remember the last time my home didn’t have bread in it and I can’t imagine having a basic food staple being inaccessible. Now, thanks to World Vision, it is accessible with a few job opportunities included.

I haven’t had an opportunity to see Plans work first hand, but I do sponsor my child in Egypt through them. I have many great things to say for Plan as well.

Both organizations are amazing in my honest opinion, you can’t go wrong what ever way you choose. Even if you can’t sponsor a child, you might want to thing about doing something like buying mosquito nets (about $10 per net) or a set of school supplies for a kid (not sure how much that costs, maybe $35) or you can pay for farm animals, health care, wells, schools, and so many other things.

If you are interested in child sponsorship, please feel free to ask me more.



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