A Sudden Light by Garth Stein *spoilers*

Loved it! I was unsure when I bought it but it seemed like it would be interesting. It seemed like the families estate mansion was haunted. Oh, how intriguing. Not to mention that the author wrote The Art of Racing in the Rain, which about 5 people have told me is 9 kinds of epic. I walked around Chapters deliberating as to how I would spend a gift card I received at Christmas. I was holding this book with it’s beautiful cover. I couldn’t resist. So few books are able to pull off ghosts (or spirits) without coming off as hooky, or without being a fantasy novel. Now, I’m all for fantasy but this wasn’t exactly a fantasy novel… and yet it wasn’t hooky either.

Before I even finished the prologue, I wanted to go running back to my boyfriend (who was on the phone with me while I wandered around making my choice) to announce that the book had just gotten way more intriguing. The family is cursed on top of the ghosts. And don’t worry, this isn’t a surprise because the prologue is literally titled “THE CURSE”, so I’m not technically spoiling anything by pointing out that detail because it’s amongst the first words to be read.

The boy, Trevor, who is 14 at the time that the story is told, moved to Seattle with his dad. His parents are bankrupt and they separated – his mom moved back to where her family lives. He gets there and realizes that there are spirits kicking around the ancient family estate. Meanwhile, his dad and aunt want to sell off the estate to be developed and also put the old, demented grandfather into an old folks home, which is really sad.

It’s really a beautiful story. I enjoyed how it travelled through time and portrayed a story about family betrayal and redemption.

I loved how the ghosts were portrayed. Also, I should note that they might really be spirits, it depends how you make the distinction.

To top it off, the aunt is a real piece of work. Her dynamic in the story fascinated me. I feel like her presence added a fascinating layer of mystery because I had my ideas about what her deal was but I couldn’t quite place my finger on what her problem… Or if she even had a problem.

A Sudden Light is such a thought provoking novel. It’s a good read and I would strongly recommend it.


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