American Sniper

I saw American Sniper on Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend.

It is a true story, as many of you may know. I read about the movie in Cosmopolitan about a month ago when they interviewed Chris Kyle’s wife. I was devastated because I knew what that meant. Chris Kyle, the decorated war hero, the deadly sniper, the amazing father and husband, was no longer alive because he was murdered. It made this story so heartbreaking.

It made the movie harder to watch knowing that it is true. With American Sniper, you are not watching a movie about made up characters or people who died centuries ago. Chris Kyle’s wife and children still walk among us. I felt like knowing the proximity and reality of the story being told made a difference.

Because of Chris Kyle’s very near presence in the world, I am so grateful I did not have to watch a scene where he died. They cut the scene out because of his family, especially his children. I am grateful they left that scene out because that is not something I need or want to see, especially because he is such a “real” person.

I feel like we also had a chance to see a glimpse of the reality in Iraq for the soldiers and the people who live there. I am glad that they didn’t gloss over the trauma faced by the soldiers when they return to the USA.

I feel bad that Chris Kyle died because of another veteran. It’s such a tragedy because that veteran must have been very ill in the mind for his life to have led him there. I can’t even imagine what anyone involved must be going through.

I am grateful that this story has been shared with the world. I am still thinking about the movie days later and will probably continue to think about all of the important things that it brought up for me. I thought it was so moving and heartbreaking. Regardless about what other people think, I was moved. I really hope that people will watch this movie.


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