The 3 Best Wine Apps for Wine Drinkers

Oenophile – lover of wine! 

IMG_0757This post is for winer drinkers of all kinds. I was wondering what I thought the best app for drinking wine would be. I have used Delectable at the recommendation of a friend. However, curiosity rose and I thought I’d help wine drinkers everywhere with keeping track of their wines.

I narrowed down the list to 3 apps based on two articles. Lindsey Grossman wrote for Paste Magasine: Top 10 Free Wine Apps. John Corpuz wrote for Tom’s Guide: 8 Best Apps for Wine Lovers. Their lists had 3 apps in common. If 3 showed up on both lists, I presume that to mean that they are commonly agreed to be amongst the best.

Here are the top 3 wine apps (ranked alphabetically):

  1. Delectable 
  2. Hello Vino
  3. Vivino

With my narrowed down list, I sat down and went through the ratings and I used the apps. With that, I am going to help you weigh the pros and cons of each app.



Rating: 4.5 (according to the Apple Store / IOS)

Delectable has a website here. You still have to use it from the app, but it does have a blog.

Details: Delectable is sort of like Instagram for wine but with a few more features. When I am drinking a certain kind of wine, I can go into Delectable and take a picture of the kind of wine and it’ll be identified in the app with the type of wine and the estate that made the wine, and the region it was made in. Then you rank the wine out of 10. Also I can check out trending wines. A sweet feature is the ability to follow friends, like and comment on their wines, and add their wines to my wish list.

Pros: (1) The scale of 10 is really helpful, the length of the scale affords you the opportunity to really pick at what you thought the scale was. (2) The ability to, not only like and comment on wines, but add it to wish list so that you can go and buy it later. (3) The trending wines feature allows you to look at popular wines, which is good if you are like myself and don’t have a lot of wine drinking friends (I’m in my early 20’s, it’s unsurprising that that’s the case). (4) a final bonus is that I can select a button to say that a wine is labelled incorrectly and they’ll go in an fix it.

Cons: (1) They offer shipping on some of the wines, I think it depends who uploads it (not all users can do this as far as I can tell), but delivery currently isn’t available in Canada. Although, I would sort of write this off as a serious con because, personally, I wouldn’t order wine from the app (2) I wish that they had formalized descriptions of the wines. This is probably to hard to do though because users upload the wines, thus making it our responsibility, and it would be really hard for the app developers to track down the description later. So my goal will be to try to add descriptions myself, which I will find out if I can do next time I have a glass of wine.

hello-vino-app-iconHELLO VINO

Rating: 3.5 (according to the Google Play / Android)2.5 (according to Apple Store / IOS) 

Hello Vino has a website where you can browse through the best wine to pair with foods.

Details: Hello Vino is an app that can help me choose a wine for meals or certain foods, for a special occasion, by wine preference, by type or variety, and it provides a holiday gift guides for users. They include information about the variety of wine, such as chauvignon blanc or zinfandel, details include the taste notes in the wine.

Pros: (1) This is a really good app for people such as myself, who don’t necessarily know what kind of wine pairs best with what. (2) It recommends a few specific wines to buy. (3) The cost of the wine is available, so if you are operating in a certain budget it helps with the choice.

Cons: (1) There might be a really good wine that hasn’t been loaded into it’s wine variety, but once you have a few recommendations in that category it wouldn’t be hard to pick up the same kind of wine from a different estate. (2) The meal I am having might not be accounted for, but I would fix that by choosing the closest similar item.


Rating: 4 (according to Apple Store / IOS) – 4 (according to Google Play/ Android)

Vivino website where you can browse the wines.

Details: On Vivino, I can tae a picture of my kind of wine with a camera on my phone. Vivino allows me to keep a list of wines that I rated out of 5. I can also find friends to follow.

Pros: (1) The “top lists” section provides me with lists such as “Best wines under $20”. They provided me with 2 lists and explained that once I liked 3 wines that I would get more list recommendations. (2) You can find a list of places that sell wine, including restaurants, which I find interesting and helpful.

Cons: (1) The list of places is simultaneously inaccurate because it included 7 Eleven and Bulk Barn, neither sell anything relating wine in my recollection. (2) Vivino doesn’t have as many interactive features, such as the wish list, that an app like Delectable has.


So you have to choose just one app?

Choose Delectable and Hello Vino. Here is why:

Based on the ratings alone, Delectable is the best app with a rating of 4.5, Vivino is coming in second, and finally, Hello Vino comes in third. If ratings are all that matters to you, then Delectable is the best choice.

With the ratings aside and based on pure usage, I would still like to recommend Delectable as the best wine app because has a lot of good features (mentioned above). I prefer Delectable to Vivino because it is more involved and has more features that I like. Delectable pairs well with Hello Vino because of how Hello Vino can complement the app. I would recommend starting with Hello Vino, then moving on to store those choices in Delectable. Personally, I plan to use Delectable all the time and sometimes using Hello Vino if I need an idea.

This is all I have to say about these wine apps. Carry on merrily, my wine drinking readers! Have a great day!


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