The Magic of Harry Potter – or “Books Turn Muggles Into Wizards”

For myself, Harry Potter did not end when I read the last book or watched the last movie. Years later, I still live out Harry Potter in my own life. For the most part, I take Harry Potter way more seriously than many of my friends, family and classmates or coworkers.


Harry Potter opened doors for me. Most obviously, I was a public relations executive for the Harry Potter Alliance during university. Harry Potter inspired and motivated me in ways that no other story has. Hermione made me feel like it was “ok” to be bossy (for a lack of better words – determined is another word), and passionate, and deeply caring. Hermione is incredibly intelligent and loyal to people she cares about, she stuck with Harry even though she didn’t have to. Hermione is the character I identified with and admired the most. Harry and his friends inspired me to want to make a difference in the world.


“Magic Turns Muggles Into Wizards.”


This is a quote on a sweater that I own, and it speaks volumes to me. Harry Potter has fueled fandom in incredible ways for so many people, not just myself. Even if you just look at the Harry Potter Alliance, you can see how the story has inspired so many people. The Harry Potter Alliance is a non-profit organization that uses messages and themes from the Harry Potter series to advocate for social justice and fight “real life” Horcruxes. Harry Potter is so powerful. At another time or place, the story might not have had the same impact, and for it’s ability to touch our lives I am grateful. Harry Potter is loaded with messages about love, sacrifice, hate, mental health, slavery, corrupt governments, how the media can manipulate the populace, friendship, loyalty, intelligence, bravery and more. There is a possibility that J.K. Rowling is a genius for giving us such an intricately woven story that people of all ages may enjoy and learn from.


“Wit Beyond Measure Is A Mans Greatest Treasure”


Yes, I am a Ravenclaw. The traits of this house include intelligence, wisdom and creativity, which is very fitting of myself as a person. I don’t think a lot of people would care that I know what house I belong to, but it’s fascinating.


Embracing fandom is such a great feeling. I used I wonder about “Trekkies” (fans of Star Trek) and “Whovians” (fans of Doctor Who). I always thought these people must be so weird in order to want own all of these costumes and paraphernalia and for going into chat rooms and conventions. Eventually I realized it was totally normal, albeit geeky. Let me just say that GEEKS ARE COOL NOW!!!


It’s ok to be a geek and as soon as I became comfortable with that it was ok to display my love of Harry Potter everywhere. I have this dream of getting a tattoo that says “Always” on it with snowflakes on my ankle or the inside of my arm. Both things have incredible symbolic value for me, although only Always is a Harry Potter reference.


Harry Potter can make ordinary people feel extraordinary and inspired. This is just the corner stone of the impact that the Harry Potter series had on my life.


(DFTBA, everyone!)


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