The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling 

J.K. Rowling is a brilliant genius in my opinion! I look up to this woman as an amazing inspiration of the kind of author I would like to be. I was sort of apprehensive about reading one of her other books. What if it didn’t live up to Harry Potter? Harry Potter is a series that I believe is a masterpiece, I think it’ll go down in history as some amazing work – people will probably still read the books 200 years from now, kind of like Shakespeare. I need to be really clear about the awesomeness that Harry Potter holds in my mind because that set us up for The Casual Vacancy. I would have read this book no matter what just because Joanne wrote it, but I dearly wanted it to live up to Harry Potter.
The Casual Vacancy was certainly great. I was happy with the story. I don’t foresee it having the impact that the Harry Potter had in my life, but Harry Potter is hard to compete with for me (you can see two of my posts about it here and here),

I had heard from some people that The Casual Vacancy is boring. It is NOT. I found it very interesting. I think people have become accustomed to fantasy, sci fi, romance and murder mysteries, and don’t appreciate the more subtle secrets of living in a small town and the intricacies and drama that can come up with it. The way she ended the novel was sad and heart breaking, but I felt uplifted in a way too because some of the characters who’d had all these problems finally found peace, and I think that things would improve for many of the families. Even if I am totally wrong, I felt a string of optimism at the end of the tragic events of the book.

I almost wish there was more to the book so I could see how things work out for everyone. But c’est le vie, the book is finished, all I can do is hope that you good people who haven’t read it yet will consider getting a copy. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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