Life In Motion: An unlikely ballerina by Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland is inspiring. She began taking ballet classes at 13 and was dancing professionally by 15. She is the only Africwn American soloist for the American Ballet company in New York. It’s incredible, to think of what it must be like to have so much natural talent and the drive to practice and practice to reach a dream of dancing at such a high level.

I found out about Misty Copeland because we watched an Under Armor ad in class. It was very different from Under Armors usual ads, instead of a big manly football player, they showed a petite female ballerina.

It saddened me to read about how much race has affected Misty. She is African American and experienced racism in ballet. It blows my mind that people would take such a beautiful art form like ballet and tarnish it by caring more about someone’s skin colour than their talent.

Misty has such an incredible story and I am so glad I read her book. It was very inspiring. I was glad to see gain insight into what it is like to be a ballerina. It’s hard work and I would like to know how Misty is doing since she wrote the book about her life.


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