The Death House by Sarah Pinborough

This book was featured in an issue of SFX magazine. I was able to purchase it for about $2.99 (CAN) on iBooks.

Basically, there are these kids who live in a death house, which they were sent to because of a certain gene they have that means they’ll get sick and die at some point so they were separated from normal society. It started seeming like this massive conspiracy, which (of course) it totally was. Many of us are familiar with those post-apocalyptic novels by now ( e.g. Hunger Games, Divergent) and the at the core there is always a conspiracy where those in power are keeping secrets to maintain the power over their subjects.

What I liked about The Death House was that I couldn’t quite pin point what the deal was until close to the end. And then, to top it off The Death House had a totally out-of-whack ending. I did not expect the end at all. Once I got there I was ok with it but it was a huge “what?! WHAT?!” kind of a reaction. I certainly appreciate it though – I love it when an author does something completely unexpected like that, it’s more exciting that way. The book kept me guessing the whole time. What was the secret? Why were they really there? Who was going to die? Were they really supposed to be dying or was it some kind of a sick experiment? It’s very creepy and intriguing.

Honestly, for such a new book (published February 2015 I think, could of said 2014 though), I was surprised it was so cheap, especially as the author, or her publisher, clearly think the books is good enough to buy a full page advertisement in a good magazine. Since the book is such a snag everyone should immediately run over to iBooks and buy it. It was so good and a sweet deal.


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