Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman must be some kind of magical person. I am not quite sure, all I know is that people who have read his books appear to leave enthralled. Coraline was the one I originally wanted to read first, mostly because I watched Coraline, the Tim Burton version, and it was fascinating.

Instead, I discovered Stardust, which is apparently also a movie. Published in 1999, Stardust is an amazing tale. Am I the only one who thinks Stardust just sounds amazing, by title alone?

Tristran is the main character. He goes over the Wall into this magical land with witches and other magical beings to find a star for the girl he loves; she promised to marry him if he brings the fallen star to her. The star, however, turns out to be a girl. It’s beautifully written and an easy read. I found it somewhat lacked the extensive emotional depth I sometimes find in other novels, but that is not a bad thing because I thought it was a lovely tale as Tristran tries to find the star and then find his way back home.

There is something about a fantasy tale that is so enjoyable, in my opinion. I liked the adventure and the romance and the magic in Stardust. A very good read in my opinion.


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