Pillars of Eternity

Platforms: Mac, Linux, Microsoft 

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Publisher: Obsidian Entertainment, Paradox Interactive

Designer: Josh Sawyer

Just a little disclaimer, I have yet to pay Pillars of Eternity, but I heard about how awesome it is and did some reading to decide if I ever would play or not, and I must admit that I am impressed. When I have the cash to do so, I would love to play it.


I rather like this video. It kind of introduces what exactly goes on in the game, shows the perspectives of the creators and why they went the way of crowdfunding. Apparently, they used Kickstarter to fund the creation of the game. As someone who recently hosted a crowd funding campaign, I’ve definitely seen the impact that video games and films have on these websites; they are amongst the most funded “things” on there. Although, it surprises me that what I assume is a bigger company (Obsidian) would publish a video game this way, where the money comes from is not something I considered much before; I feel like this video was a great learning experience for me because I am now realizing that the video game industry can have the players finance the creation of games and that it is a really good way to get players to engage ahead of time and make the creators responsible to their players in a unique way. The game exists now, so clearly they were successful on Kickstarter. For future reference, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are pretty sweet sites, but that’s not what we are here for at the moment, although as someone with experience in this area, you can ask me for tips or info if needed.

I love the trailer too. The graphics are impressive and the depth of the narrative in the game shines, however briefly, in this short introduction.


The depth of the story in Pillars of Eternity has been praised over and over. The game is perfect for players who enjoy great stories in their video games. Even if it is a little text heavy at times, the game is still welcoming. Basically, the story comes off as super elaborate and complex, with tons of interwoven stories and fantastic lore.

Here is a longer summary of what the game is about:

The game takes place in the fantasy world of Eora, mainly inside the nation of Dyrwood. The infants in Dyrwood are plagued by a recent phenomenon in which they become “hollowborn” upon birth, meaning they are born with no soul. During the beginning of the game, the protagonist experiences an awakening of power due to a disastrous supernatural event, discovering they are a “Watcher”: a person who can see souls and past lives. The objective of the game is to find out what caused their awakening and how to solve the hollowborn problem. – Pillars of Eternity, Wikipedia

There is no way I could have done justice to the plot, so forgive me for bringing in such a long summary of the game.

What is especially cool about Pillars of Eternity is how much they emphasize the RPG (role playing game) aspect. There are several different types of character that a player can choose.

The classes are as follows:

  • Fighter
  • Paladin
  • Ranger
  • Wizard
  • Druid
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Chanter
  • Cipher

You also play a different race:

  • Human
  • Aumaua
  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Godlike
  • Orlan

You can learn more about the story of the game at the official wiki.

They made a ton of updates (1.05) and apparently more (1.06) are coming later in May. Since it’s such a new game, this may be a point of interest for hard core gamers, so if it matters, they’re all over it.


I think what seems so good about Pillars of Eternity it is the story is so rich and that it has really drawn people in by creating an up to date RPG aspect. I get the feeling that it isn’t a game that you want to rush through. Because the story is so complex, I think it would be really fun to take your time and enjoy the game and really take it in.

What appeals to me the most is the sheer depth of the fantastical elements. I love fantasy, it’s fascinating, especially when you look into why people relate to it, the historical aspects and the mythological elements. Fantasy alone is interesting and intriguing but the appeal grows when you begin to understand how it doesn’t just come from no where because you can often see a cultural basis within it. With that said, I think I’d love to play the game just for the narrative alone.


As far as I know, the only option to purchase the game is online, although it could be in a store that I just do not know about. The cheapest option is to just buy the game for $44.99, which may change depending on what currency you’re using (e.g. Canadian or American dollar, Euro, Pound, etc.). There are more costly options that come with fun perks like books, a documentary, wallpapers, player guides and so forth. I am not going to try to justify what everyone wants, because the extra little things that come with the pricier options and if it’s something you want then that’s your call.


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