All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Marie-Laure is a young girl who is blind living in France during World War II. She lives with her father in Paris and he works at a museum. He protects this diamond, which is rumoured to be cursed.

Werner is a young German boy with a knack for fixing things like radios.

Their fates become intertwined, even though they only briefly meet, because of the war.

Marie-Laure and her father go to lie with her great uncle in a town called Saint Malo on the coast of France during the war because it was to unsafe to stay in Paris. Saint Malo was a real town with over 800 buildings, but less than 200 buildings survived after it was bombed and burned.

I really enjoyed All the Lights We Cannot See because it was beautifully written. I was intrigued by having a blind character, Marie-Laure, because her view of the world is still so descriptive, colourful, and rich, despite the fact that she has no sight, so everything written about her focused on the other senses, such as sound. I loved how well Anthony Doerr wrote her perspective.

The story is written in parts, where one part is written in 1938, or 1944, then 1940, then 1944, then 1941, etc. and I really liked watching time getting closer together and never being quite sure what would happen to the characters until the time periods came together.

History buff or not, this story is amazing. It is an easy enough of a read, rich in detail, and very interesting. It has already won some well deserved prizes. i would totally recommend it as a summer read.


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