Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johanson 

Invasion of the Tearling is the second novel in a trilogy about a young queen named Kelsea Raliegh Glynn. In the first novel, The Queen of the Tearling, Kelsea retook her families throne and she began trying to institute a more socialist perspective in the lawless, uneducated, poverty ridden country. The  Tearling had to pay tribute to the Mort Queen (in Mortmense) by sending a number of their people to be slaves there. Kelsea cut off the shipment and that was going to cause the Mort Queen to invade.

Now, in the Invasion of the Tearling, Kelsea and her central guards and assistants are preparing for the invasion. Kelsea begins to change, possibly because of these magic sapphires she wears. She also begins to have these special memories about why people came to their world by reliving the live of this lady named Lily, who was in “our” world around 2046. Lily lives not to from Boston, and life in our world basically sucks and is extremely oppressive and corrupt and the division between rich and poor is even more extreme than now, there is violence and so on. Basically, some people found a way to leave to the “better world”.

I rather enjoyed Invasion of the Tearling. I began receiving answers to a lot of the questions I had after the first book, such as why they all lived in this different world when they apparently “crossed over” from ours, and I had questions about the origins of the Mort Queen that have begun to be answered (the answers weren’t to far off of my original guess).

One thing that I really like about Invasion of the Tearling, and by extension The Queen of the Tearling, is that the writing is clearly targeted for adults (albeit, possibly younger adults) as opposed to children but it is still manageable to read in a short time in an easy way. The writing is also clear and simple. I find a lot of fantasy novels written for adults are unnecessarily complicated and lengthy. I’m thinking about novels such as George R.R. Martins The Song of Fire and Ice series (AKA Game of Thrones); he seriously spends about 2 pages just describing the food on a table and it takes forever to get through the books. Personally, I still love reading Game of Thrones books though, but I do rather enjoy reading a book that doesn’t seek to be overly complex or lengthy, while still containing the details, mystery, and depth that we all enjoy.

A final great thing is that The Queen of the Tearling is being turned into a movie as the rights were purchased by Warner Bros. And for all of us Harry Potter fans: Emma Watson (AKA Hermione Granger) is set to take up the part of Kelsea Raleigh.


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