Fat Girl Walking by Brittany Gibbons 

I will be honest, I haven’t heard of Brittany Gibbons before reading this book, or more accurately, seeing her book featured in Cosmopolitan. Apparently she is famous for writing about sex, being over weight, and being a mom on the Internet. Cosmopolitan recommends books every month and the June 2015 issue conveniently including Fat Girl Walking and Invasion of the Tearling Queen. I have already read The Queen of the Tearling, so this particular list of books sparked my interest. In my experience, most of the books that Cosmopolitan features a lot of chick flick styled books, and that’s generally not what I gravitate too, since I love fantasy, autobiographies/memoirs with a healthy splash of science fiction, so it was pretty epic that this mont featured two books I want. FYI, I pre-ordered Invasion of the Tearling Queen months ago, because reasons.

So more to the point, I really needed a good autobiography to read. This came at good timing. I really liked Brittany Gibbons book because it really got to the heart of being overweight and what that experience is like. I saw it mostly as a challenge about how our society tends to body shame overweight women and *insert mini-rant* can we please all get over ourselves and stop acting like the models who are on average 23% underweight or some such terrifyingly underweight number are living a more “healthy” ideal than being 23% overweight? It’s all about social constructs though, in some cultures being curvier is a good thing because it is a sign of fertility. 200 years ago it meant you were rich and not starving to death. Fun times. I wouldn’t mind being considered fertile and wealthy.. Although being fertile makes me think of cowboys selling, well, cows, and I like to think that (for all it’s problems) that ur society is at least beyond selling daughters to men like cattle.

Any ways, back to Fat Girl Walking, it’s a good time. It was an easy read, plenty of humour and good points. It’s kind of nice to see that there is a woman out there who will remind us all that you can be healthy and on the heavier side. I know several women who eat mega healthy and work out a ton (one even owns a gym) but you’d never call them “skinny” cause they aren’t. Regardless of how you want to spell it, it’s mostly about NOT body shaming and, instead, accepting yourself and loving yourself.

Brittany started a really cool seeming online community called Curvy Girl Guide. She started it as a website but shut the website down a year or two back to bring it to a more interactive platform, like Facebook.

I really liked the book, and I really liked that I got to learn about a really cool “real” human being with a refreshing story of self-acceptance and success this weekend.


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