Low-Maintenance Skin Care / Make Up Solutions

Make up is fun, but I also don’t expect women to wear it every day. How many of us just don’t want to have to schlack on a pile of stuff day in day out? What worked for me is finding a nice balance with having a daily skin care routine and then wearing makeup for special occasions OR when I feel like it and the have time in the morning.

A few essentials can look something like this:

  • Lip chap stops your lips from drying up like a dessert and cracking, especially in the winter
  • Body lotion stops your skin from beginning the transformation into snake-hood
  • Face lotion because, alas, the body lotion is usually too heavy for your face
  • Sun screen stops you from getting old wrinkly skin at best and melanoma at worst
  • Hand sanitizer; working with children pretty much made that a habit
  • Concealer and foundation typed things for your skin (I don’t personally use this every day, but I use it more consistently used than my other make up)
  • Cleanser to get what ever funny stuff is on your skin off (it is super refreshing too!)
  • Finally… You can go crazy with “actual” makeup (eyeliner, mascara, lip stick, eye shadow, blush) when ever the mood or occasion calls for it

I tend to stick with facial lotion and the wipes on a daily basis, and use the others many times a week (or everyday depending what’s going on).

Dermal Clay Cleanser by Dermalogica

Oil Control Lotion by Dermalogica

The oil control lotion by Dermalogica is honestly incredible. I have rarely used a face lotion for this long. It is super light, I don’t have to use to much, and it absorbs into my skin quickly, so my skin gets moisturized without feeling sticky all day. It is a little more pricey than I would ordinarily spend on lotion, but it’s worth it to me, especially since I have struggled to find a lotion that is so nice and doesn’t tick off my sensitive skin.

The dermal clay cleanser, also by Dermalogica, is another wonderful product. I make myself feel like I am saving time by using it in the shower, I also like to have the warm water of the shower running so it’s easier to wet my face and rinse it off. The dermal clay cleanser feels so refreshing, it smells nice, and it really helps my skin. It’s super nice in the summer when you just want to wash you skin as it’s really good about removing excess oil from your face and such.

See the links, talk to your dermatologist, or a trusted aesthetician.

  Balea Sensitive Face Wipes

I have a small travel pack of these that you see here, plus a big box. I was using baby wipes before, but I am glad I made the switch to the Balea wipes. These wipes target any makeup that you have on super well, and they’re equipped with a super nice cleansing liquid stuff that won’t leave your face smelling like a babies bottom.

Buy at Shoppers Drug Marts.

 Jane Iredale foundation brush & chisel powder brush

Jane Iredale “Dream Tint” tinted moisturizer, SPF 15, broad spectrum (medium)

Jane Iredale “PurePressed Base” mineral foundation, broad spectrum, SPF 20 (suntan)

I love the Jane Iredale products and it is the first time I have ever had a tinted moisturizer typed thing and foundation that is so kind to my skin. I liked wearing the tinted moisturizer as a base with the foundation on top because A) I need some SPF on my face and B) sometimes my cheeks gets a little red so I like to even it out. I have tried countless foundations and base liquids (or what ever you normally call them), and they all dry out my skin and/or cause other irritations, no matter how chemical free or “for sensitive skin” or “hypoallergenic” they claim to be. The Jane Iredale products in the picture have actually helped to moisturize my skin (instead of doing the opposite), and they aren’t too heavy so it’s easy to put on without sticking out a lot. I use the small foundation brush for the round thing of foundation (of course) and the bigger chisel powder brush for the tinted moisturizer. Because my skin tans so much in the summer (even when I wear SPF 30 or 45) I have medium and sun tan for the summer and lighter ones for the winter.

See the links, talk to your dermatologist, or a trusted aesthetician.

  Jane Iredale botanical brush cleaner

Make up brushes need to be cleaned because otherwise bacteria will get in them. This botanical brush cleaner is much better than using shampoo because I can just spray it on and use a paper towel to clean the brushes. I really like the smell too and I know that my brushes are being cleaned by something specifically intended to target the stuff on makeup brushes.

See the links, talk to your dermatologist, or a trusted aesthetician.

Body Butter from The Body Shop (seen here, left to right: wild argan oil, cocoa butter, honeymania)

I love body butter! It was my favourite thing, especially when I used to curl (the curling rink is wicked dry) and when I used to live further north because it was so, so, so dry there so you risk your skin would starting to resemble a snakes if you didn’t moisturize it. Getting a bunch of body butter makes my skin smell nice, and it’s super effective for moisturizing my arms legs or stomach 🙂

The Body Shop always has sales too, so sometimes if you buy 2 you’ll get the third for free or something like that.

Any ways, I really hope that I have provided some of you with some product ideas. Enjoy! 🙂


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