You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

I had a moment when I was half way through a book and it dawned on me that OMG THIS WOMAN IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ON ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SHOWS (AKA Charlie Bradbury in Supernatural). I mostly picked out the book because it came highly recommended. I generally find YouTuber typed stars hilarious and super relatable and knew it would be a good read, I didn’t recognize her right away as the same girl as the one on Supernatural, and I just figured I’d find out about her and go watch what ever shows or work she’s involved in later (it’s what I did when I read Mindy Kaling’s book too!). I am actually super glad I spent the first half of the book enjoying her humanity and thinking she’d be a bad ass friend before I made the connection because at least I went in unbiased. (Also, I still think she’d be a bad ass friend!) So, that’s wicked exciting in my opinion.

Felicia Day as Charlie Bradbury, ladies and gentlemen…

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) is so perfect as a book and memoir. Geeks are my kinda people, and I love reading about them. Not to mention that it is super cool to start hearing about people who became famous because of the Internet. Stardom with the help of the Internet is such a new phenomenon of the last decade or so,and I’m not talking about inventors like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg but about people who have a more celebrity-like status through the Internet.  It was really helped by the advent of social media and websites like YouTube. It’s super exciting to hear from people like Felicia who have found success through these channels and to begin understanding how they did so. It’s also so devastating to hear about all the stuff that went down with the #GamerGate, I feel so bad for people who get criticized and bullied on the Internet (or, you know, at all ever).

Felicia talks about her unorthodox childhood (she was home schooled and started university before she even finished because apparently she’s a violin prodigy). Then she majored in math and music (epic combination!) and got addicted to video games. Her passion for video games is a huge inspiration for her first web series, The Guild, where her online character features. Cool life eh? I won’t tell you any thing else though.

I honestly think Felicia sounds like such an admirable person and I absolutely loved You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

If it interests you at all, Felicia Day has 2 YouTube channels…

Felicia Day –

Geek and Sundry –

I have watched a few of her videos so far and they are super interesting in my opinion.

Plus she has a website ( ) and you can watch some of her other work there via YouTube, such as The Flog and The Guild. The Guild is one of the web series that Felicia is so popular for, so I am super looking forward to that.

I would honestly recommend this book to anyone who likes YouTubers (or just YouTube), geeks, video games, and things like that.

Thanks for reading.


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