The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins 

***SPOILERS*** – I’ll start with an unspoiled summary though…

The Girl on the Train was a much anticipated book for me. I couldn’t really buy another new book right now, so I really appreciated that someone passed their copy on to me.

The Girl on the Train is about a girl named Rachel who is divorced, a drunk, and (quite frankly) dealing with a lot of stuff. She commutes to work everyday in London (UK) on a train where she sometimes sees this couple who’s house the train passes that reminds her of a life that she no longer has. Then one day something happens and her life becomes hopelessly entangled in the lives of these two people.

All in all, The Girl on the Train is an amazing mystery.





Basically, Megan is missing and no one really knows who did is responsible. I mean, you don’t think it’s the husband, who’s name is Scott, but her therapist also clued readers into the fact that he’s (Scott) emotionally abusive. But then you find out about Megan’s affair with the therapist. Then that she lost a baby. And the hits just keep on coming. The thing was, I never suspected the husband, he may have been abusive but I didn’t think that equalled murderer even if he found out about the affair. I didn’t think the therapist did it either even though Megan may have threatened to ruin him if he left her; he was to good of a guy despite his mistake in the affair. Then there is this red headed guy lurking in the peripheries and I thought maybe he was the baby daddy come back to get back with Megan; maybe she was having a second affair with him and it ended badly but I also realized it was really unlikely because his part to play was to small and didn’t become more significant quick enough, plus the author subtly said it wasn’t him/the former baby daddy (and it seemed obvious to me that they were totally not the same person because why would the ex-boyfriend/baby daddy be like Rachel and just riding around on the train all the time just cause, this guy obviously had some similar struggle as her).

It’s interesting to see how Rachel reacts to losing this idilic life she thought she was watching when she saw Scott and Megan, who she called Jess and Jason in her fantasies. It immediately brings up about how her own husband cheated on her and was now married to the woman and had a child. Rachel starts not to like Megan (AKA Jess) kind of like how she hates her ex-husband.. Even though she still kind of loves him.

I also couldn’t help but note how I should have thought “it’s Rachel’s ex sooner”. I mean, come on, it was so obviously not any of the other guys, so like obviously it made sense that the lying cheating ex-husband has gone and done it again by cheating and knocking up another woman and killing her (he was also a douche monkey like Megan’s husband so…). Like all I figured was that it definitely wasn’t any of the guys people has suspected early on and I was all “oh what even I’ll find out soon” and it turned into one of those “oh, that was obvious” revelations about why I didn’t think of that quicker.
Any ways, I gotta say, I love these types of mysteries – Girl on the Train, Gone Girl, Pretty Little Liars, stuff like that. It’s kind of amusing and a fun ride (or sometimes morbid…)

Any how so I really like these murder mystery books that have taken off lately. It’s kind of a relief because I for some reason always thought the genre sucked so I’m glad some books are proving that stereotype wrong


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