Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking 

Ice Kissed is the second novel in the YA The Kanin Chronicles series by Amanda Hocking. A while ago I read the first novel in the series, Frostfire, and thoroughly enjoyed both the first and the second.

In Frostfire, readers meet Bryn, a girl who’s about 19 or so. She is a tracker, which is a kind of warrior who protects the kingdom and she wants to make her way to entering the Hogdragon (possibly spelled incorrectly), which is the elite group of people who protect the kingdom. There was a bad, evil dude who tried to overthrow the kingdom years back called Viktor, and a guy who tried to kill Bryn’s dad, named Konstantin. They’re trying to find Konstantin and then a major plot twist arrives, which I considered spoiling but I want y’all to read the book unspoiled, so meanwhile dun dun dunnnnnn…. I should mention that these people are technically very human-like trolls.

So now we enter book two, Ice Kissed, where the plot thickens. Bryn has a lot of conflict about Konstantin as a “real” bad dude, as in he doesn’t seem to be that much of a bad dude, but yet he is, maybe. Any how, so she is assigned to finding out what happened to the queen of another tribe of trolls who live on the northern shores of Lake Superior. Linnea went missing and is presumed dead. But, well, she’s not dead, just saying, it’ll help this along if you know that. So it turns out that there are even more bad guys in the mix, not just Viktor and Konstantin. I’m personally starting to feel suspicious about the queen of Bryn’s troll tribe cause that lady seriously screwed Bryn over at the end of this book.

The fun thing about the Kanin Chronicles is that I’m not entirely sure who’s the leader. It’s not a very complicated series, as it’s a super easy read, but it’s mixing tribes together and I am looking forwards to having all of the bad dudes motivations fully unraveled. Like I said, it’s not like it’s the Game of Thrones or another overly complex series (which is good, cause I can only take so much of at), but it’s also fun to read a light YA series with I ntrigue.

There is plenty of social injustice for the bad guys to get angry over. The kind of one tribe is ineffective and weak, thus allowing the kingdom to fall into further disrepair, you see characters get poor trials for crimes, and a strict classist system (they try to justify how it is equal or fair but it’s not). It goes on. There are a few characters who protest from the inside and I would like to see them be able to inspire positive social change by the end of the series. However, I can also see why someone with a dark side might lash out against these problems in a bad way, although the actual #1 bad dude might just be looking out for power because Viktor surely isn’t lashing out because of social equality, so I am probably wrong there.

Any ways, so there will definitely be a third book, and I suspect it’ll be the last cause we’ve reached a climax with Ice Kissed. Something to look forward too.


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