Garden Expansion Time!

My main/biggest garden, pre-expansion… And my big garden post-expansion, where I will be adding new raspberries next summer…

My corner garden, after I set up the rock border and started preparing the dirt/destroying the grass… And then my corner garden, dirt-creation completed and fertilized for the winter…


My original little perennial garden, no expansion needed… And, finally, my (mostly) unchanged perennial garden with it’s new shorter border boards (I’m super stoked about how much better I can see the plants, it looks even better in person)…


What will I be planting next summer?

  1. At least 1 or 2 more raspberry plants in the newer expanded part by the shed.
  2. Garlic beside the raspberries (and lots of it I hope! Around 10 bulbs would be perfect.) — You actually plant garlic in the fall for the record.
  3. A bunch of peppers (more banana peppers, maybe some bell peppers, but nothing too spicy)
  4. One beef steak or Roma or cherry tomato plant
  5. Onions, perhaps?
  6. Carrots?
  7. Lettuce?
  8. Peas?

Well, 1-4 are the current definite choices.

Things to do before winter?

  1. Add a pile of good dirt to both gardens (specifically peat moss or something composted or manure-esqued).
  2. Plant the garlic bulbs in the main garden with a bunch of fertilizer around them. I’ll have to make sure that I mark where they are planted so I don’t accidentally plant stuff over them… I not-so-secretly use kabob sticks and string to mark such things. 
  3. Put leaves or something around perennials to protect the roots through the winter.
  4. Get 2 smaller composter buckets and compost a pile of egg shells and plant stuff to use in the spring.

Things to do in the spring?

  1. Put wonderfully decomposed compost into the veggie garden and my newly expanded to-be-perennial-flower garden.
  2. Pick out some perennial flowers for my newly expanded corner garden and plant them. (Pictures to come?!) — I will be fertilizing the dirt around the all the plants (flower and veggie alike) hardcore in addition to the compost.
  3. Buy the vegetables and new raspberry plants, fertilize the ground around them and plant them. — I’ll  be buying something to hold them up too.
  4. Put new plants in my current flower pots
  5. Buy 2 new hanging pots for either side of the garage and get 2 more hanging pots for the backyard (also, I will need 2 hooks to drill into the fence).


Anyone have any suggestions about what I should plant is welcome to write it in the comments (bearing in mind that I live in a cold climate though so anything tropical just wont work lol!)


One thought on “Garden Expansion Time!

  1. Plant carrots in rows just 5-6 inches apart. When they are about 4 inches high pull out/thin out so the final crop is about 1 1/2 inches apart each. This is way more dense than recommended on seed packages but it works well and you’ll get a huge harvest.

    Don’t forget to fill in mid-late summer empty spots with spinach for fall salads.
    You’ve done nicely this year.


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