Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas, 2015 Edition!

This is my first Halloween for about 6 years where I actually live somewhere that has young families, versus being a student neighbourhood. I can finally go all out on Halloween with the candy, the decorations, the pumpkins, the trick or treating (except I’ll hand out the candy, I’m too old to go), and COSTUMES! (Pictures of some of my current favourites below!)

I started with Disney Bounding because that’s an easy solution to costumes. All you need is regular every day clothes to dress up in the likeness of a Disney character or any other character. I used Han Solo from Star Wars as my inspiration on year, I’ve also seen ideas for characters like Danaerys from Game of Thrones and other non-Disney characters. You can use things like Pinterest to find ideas.

I used Spirit Halloween to get other ideas. I don’t know if I’ll actually shop there, I just know that they have stores all over the place, so it is useful in terms of needing sharable ideas for my blog. I am actually the most excited about the Mary Margaret / Snow White costume (Once Upon a Time, TV show), but I also like the Danaerys option. Buuuuut I also have a soft spot for historical costumes, like the Athena or Cleopatra ones. I would actually love to find one that’s like Queen Elizabeth I, just maybe less poofy so that the dress won’t take up an entire hallway.

Is anyone else excited for Halloween? What are you planning to dress up like?

download download (1)download (1)  download


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