Colour Me Creative by Kristina Webb

I should preface this post with stating that I decided to commit to drawing or painting or otherwise participate in the artistic challenges found in Color Me Creative. I was pretty stoked when I found out that there were actual artistic/creative challenges/projects in the book. Even if it took me longer to read through the book, it was too much fun to pass up. This is why you should read Color Me Creative. Come on, how often do you get an artistic book like this that’s fun and includes drawing and painting and that wasn’t created for 5 year olds? It’s rare and it’s just so many kinds of awesome.

So, to summarize, roughly 100 pages is an autobiography by Kristina Web and about 125 to 150 pages are the art challenges (yeah, I’ll call it that, simplifies it). Amazingly enough, Kristina is only 20. She is a super talented artist, has been creating since she was about 2.

Some of My Creations from the Colour Me Creative Challenges 

I’m still working my way though the challenges, but here is one of the challenges that I have done so far.


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