Travel Kit for Air Travel

Travel kits


No matter how old I get, a back pack is still the most convenient bag to use for my on-plane stuff because those little stout cases don’t really work for a small quantity of things such a as lap tops phones and books because it doesn’t allow you to organize rings the way I wang them, it just ends up in a cluttered mess and it is hard to get things out in a snap because you can’t easily open it under the chair of an airplane seat. A back back by comparison isn’t overly large for what I need it to do and it’s easier to navigate and add or remove stuff from under the airplane seat. May someday I’ll buy some super book briefcase or airplane-specific purse, but for now, I have something that will do the trick.


Grab what ever electronics you’ll want on your trip. I ALWAYS have my tablet, phone and iPod (but I used my iPod to take the picture). My lap top is mostly optional depending what I think will be going on. If I think I am going to be writing, then I’ll bring it. A tablet is amazing though. Most of my books are on my tablet, as well as magazines. It’s pretty cool because, trust me, I have read multiple books or magazines on 1 trip on more than 1 occasion, and keeping everything on my tablet on a day to day basis means that my tablet is already loaded up with everything I like to read when I go out of town.


Reading materials are another essential. Like I said, I keep mostly everything reading-wise on my tablet, but sometimes it is handy to have a magazine like this Harry Potter special.
 Bring your make up if you want to, because it is helpful. You should also absolutely keep your medications with you (seriously!), not in your luggage, partially because I think you actually sort of have to in North America, but I also think it is just plain useful because every once in a while a bag goes astray.

Finally, bring snacks for yourself!!!

Travelling can be kind of stressful for a lot of people. Many people will be totally fine during a trip, others will only feel stress/anxiety during the travel process but be able to relax at the destination, and others will feel stress during the whole trip. What ever the case, that is ok. If you have a particular challenge with flying, as I know many people do, you should talk to the flight attendant, as they are often helpful with assisting people with their anxiety. In addition, I know a few people who will take medications to relax before the flight. I wouldn’t recommend getting drunk though, a glass or two of wine should be ok to take the edge off, but the flight attendants can kick you off the flight if you get drunk and belligerent (it doesn’t happen often though), at the very least you might end up with a hang over at the destination, so if you really need something talking to your doctor will be the safer option.

Make sure you know where your gate is. When ever I get to the airport but have time to spare, I go to my gate first and then I travel back to look at shops (if there are any) or get some food, that way when the flight is closer I won’t suddenly find myself to far away.


What ever you do to travel and what ever you choose to pack for your flight, I wish you the best of luck with it and hope you have a great trip.




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