Wanderlust: Top 5 Places to Visit

I sometimes get struck by wanderlust. There are so many wonderful places in this world that I would love to visit. Here is my top 10.

#1 Nova Scotia, Canada

Starting with somewhere like Cape Breton, seen in the picture, I would love to go to Nova Scotia. The eastern coast of Canada is one of the places that I have seen the least of in Canada, yet I know so many people who have travelled to Nova Scotia and loved it. The culture is so vibrant and the scenery is so beautiful, I don’t think I could pass that up. My inspiration is from this National Geographic Traveler article, the magazine that most often inspires my wanderlust.

#2 New Zealand

Did you know that Hobbiton is still there in New Zealand? I did, and I want to see it. The Lord of the Rings, with its endless amounts of walking, is practically a tourist advertisement for New Zealand’s north island (at least I think it’s the northern island). But just check out these images of New Zealand if you’d like to know why else I would think it is an absolute must-visit. New Zealand is the kind of place I would visit for a month and still feel like there is more to see.


#3 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Music, Francophones, art, Caribbean food, the French Quarter, more music (I think jazz is popular). New Orleans sounds like an amazing place to visit. I remember reading about Yoruba traditions and how it’s practiced in New Orleans a few years ago. New Orleans seems to really have it’s own special and vibrant kind of diversity that makes it a really great place to visit. I even found a fun National Geographic Traveler trip suggestion article. I would love to visit here soon.


#4  Disney World and Universal Studios, Florida, USA

Because the Harry Potter theme park is at Universal Studios. And Disney. Need I say more? These are just a few things that I’ll never get too old for. I would love to go on the rides and see the parades and drink some butter beer at the Harry Potter theme park.

#5 Antigua and St. Lucia (cruise!)

I really want to do a cruise around the Caribbean and touch a few islands like Antigua or St. Lucia. I know some people who did a cruise with the Princes Cruises cruise line and this cruise, as well as this one, look really cool to me (though I would definitely shop around some more first!)


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