Binge by Tyler Oakley

Binge is a fabulous memoir by Tyler Oakley. The perfect blend of funny and serious, Tyler got into a lot of stuff about his life that he hasn’t always talked about in his videos. Here are a few things:

  • Tyler’s legal first name isn’t Tyler (it’s Matthew); Tyler is his middle name.
  • Apparently he used to poop his pants sometimes as a kid?
  • He’s a YouTuber
  • He’s gay and an LGBTQ+ activist (go him!)
  • He’s had struggles with his mental health in more ways than one
  • He went to university for communications and has been in love
  • He interviewed Michelle Obama and One Direction (that’s on YouTube though, but he talks about the experiences on a personal level so that’s cool)

You want to learn more, I promise…

I liked how honest Tyler was in Binge. Whenever someone opens up about their lives like that, I realize how hard it must be but it’s also amazing that he did that because a lot of people share experiences of being in the closet about their sexuality or gender and a lot of people have to struggle with their mental health. Having people who are brave enough to speak up is amazing because it lets other people know they’re not alone and that it’s ok to be who they are.

Beyond being an LGBTQ+ activist, I am also fascinated by having a career as a YouTuber. It kind of fascinates me that “YouTuber” can even be an item on a resume.

One of the things that possibly resonated with my the most in Binge was how Tyler talked about people coming out and how everyone handles it in different ways and it is their journey and their experience. As someone who’s never had that experience, I love hearing the perspectives of people who have had that experience; insight is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Needless to say, reading Binge is a lovely choice… Now onto all the random other things pertaining to Mr. Tyler Oakley…

So I Googled Binge, clicked on the webpage by the publisher and found this video that revealed the cover. This has to be the funniest and most random/original way I have ever seen a book cover revealed ever. Not that there is ever much hoopla about book covers (unless you’re a fan or otherwise a keener), but this should seriously set some sort of standard. Just seriously watch it because it’s awesome.

If you’re looking for the book in a bookstore, don’t forget to Tweet your adventure #TheSearchForBinge. I read the e-book copy, so, alas, I never had the opportunity to go on #TheSearchForTheBinge, but that would have been so much fun if I had. 

I love Tyler’s YouTube videos, especially the Q&A ones. I started watching them once I heard about the book and began realizing how popular he was. Here is one that I really like:

I like this one because it touches on bullying, a Trevor Project fundraiser, dying your hair and a bunch of other great stuff. I love that he began talking about where the world was 100 years ago with LGBTQ+ rights and how we just need to do what we need to do in order to make things continue getting better, because obviously being an activist is a good thing.

In relation to that, I sort of feel like this video, The GAYEST Video Ever (ft. Joey & Ingrid) | Tyler Oakley is just super appropriate for a lot of stuff that Tyler talked about in Binge.

The discourse is one that I think is important because progress. Ok, so people talking and people sharing and people giving sharing their voices can help a lot of people with their questions about coming out, their sexuality identity, and all those sorts of things if they have questions. Does that make sense at all? Even if everyone cannot be the perfect role model, and even if I don’t think public people like celebrities have an obligation to come out (they don’t and they really nailed why not in the video) I do think it’s super great for people to have role models to relate to, and I am so glad that people like Tyler are open to being public LGBTQ+ activists.


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