231000_-_Swimming_Daniel_Bell_reflections_action_-_3b_-_2000_Sydney_event_photo.jpgSwimming is amazing. It is a work out that can burn around 450 to 800 + calories an hour depending on what stroke your doing, how fast you swim and how much you weigh (most calorie burning estimates are based on a 150 pound person).

When you swim laps, it works muscles in your legs, core, shoulders, arms and probably even your neck (do people try to work out their neck?) and it is low-impact. It builds epic lean muscle and apparently your muscles keep working after you stop swimming for a while. Plus, it’s a cardio workout at the same time. I’m certainly not about to complain about this all-in-1 workout choice, and it’s super relaxing too.

There are a few useful stokes to try out

  • Front Crawl / Freestyle
  • Butterly
  • Back stroke
  • Breast stroke

The Front Crawl being the fastest stroke, and the breast stroke being a good one for your inner thighs and hips. Backstroke is a good stroke to get in some back-muscle work while getting a bit of a breather.

Personally, I like to use the leg buoy and a flutter board when I swim to just isolate my arms or legs in movement for a while. I find the leg buoy in particular is great for getting in at the core.

A lot of gyms and community centres have lane pools that have free times in which people can go and swim. It’s super duper fun and totally worth a try. Just make sure you check out the article below about the 5 Unwritten Rules of Lap Swimming if you’re pool is a busier one. At my old pool, I used to swim in the slow lanes and would stick to my half (versus circle swimming) if I had to share, but at my new gym I have so far been lucky enough to get my own lane every time; depends on the pool.

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