My Favourite Fictional Relationships

food friends sad pizza patrick

Lily Aldrin and Marshall Eriksen – How I Met Your Mother 

Lily and Marshall are one of my favourite fictional couples for a few reasons. Firstly, they’re best friends, which kind of makes them a perfect couple in my opinion. I like the idea of the person you love also being your best friend because it just makes the relationship feel (or at least sound) much deeper. Second, Lily and Marshall are adorable and they do cute things like high five over the dorky things they like to do and they always come through for the other to be supportive (even if they made a mistake first). Finally, I like that they were together forever and ever; they were each others first serious relationship in college and there are numerous flash-to-the-future scenes where they’re old together. It’s kind of refreshing to have a TV couple who’ve been together since the beginning of time (even if they did break up for a few months at the beginning of season 2 or 3).

television friends lisa kudrow popular phoebe buffay

Chandler Bing and Monica Gellar – Friends

Chandler is so… He wants to be funny (and sometimes he is), but he often comes off as kind of clueless and is kind of terrible with women. Monica is so tightly wound up and, apparently, was also kind of terrible with men. As much as this was the case, they ended up being perfect for each other. I love it when Chandler tries to help Monica unwind and how hard Monica tries to keep them organized (something that, apparently, Chandler loves about her).

Chandler and Monica and Marshall and Lily are the kind of couples that I like to see on TV because it’s nice to have a stable and happy couple on your favourite TV show, even if they’re not always perfect. It kind of restores your faith in marriage and the idea of The One and being together forever. These couples are cute and perfect for each other in my opinion.

kiss heartland amber marshall amy fleming graham wardle

Ty Borden and Amy Fleming – Heartland

Ty and Amy are amongst my favourites because they’re young, they’re cute, and they work together. Jack (the grandpa) told Ty not to go within 10 feet of his granddaughters unless Ty wanted the body part that went within 10 feet to be removed, but eventually Jack “got over” that. Ty became like a son to Jack. I really like how they decided to work together. Although, I must admit, they’re probably the most fragile of all the couples who I am listing in my favourites because they split more than once and had many grand relationship problems, but I am currently happy with where I remember them being last (bearing in mind that I am still a little behind on the show). One of my favourite scenes is when they’re dancing in the back of Ty’s truck; Ty didn’t want to go to a dance because he couldn’t dance so he had Lou, Amy’s sister, teach him so he could go and not look silly (d’awww!).
The couple in the show I do not like are Lou and Peter. I actually cannot stand Peter. He’s not a bad guy, but he’s never around, he clearly didn’t want to live at Heartland, and he expects Lou to just up and leave? He was kind of duplicious about it, like at one point he set up an interview for Lou and wasn’t even honest about it, and another time he turned down a perfectly fine job that was closer to home and his family because why? To me, I don’t think Peter is happy in his marriage, even if he loves Lou, and it causes problems. I’m honestly kind of hoping they get a divorce in the new season that’s currently on.

movies love cute couple holding hands

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

Ron and Hermione rank in my favourite list, in part, because of the series they originate in, but also because they started off as best friends. Sometimes, it can be so infuriatingly annoying when (best) friends should obviously be together in a tv show, movie or book buuuuut in this case it was fun to watch/read about their budding romantic relationship. J.K. Rowling kind of just let it develop over time and Ron and Hermione finally admitted it late into the series (for Hermione, that was around The Half Blood Prince). I really like Ron and Hermione as characters; they both have flaws and they both have amazing, positive qualities. Needless to say, I love the union of two of my favourite fictional characters.

katniss everdeen mockingjay peeta mellark mockingjay part 2 katniss and peeta

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark – The Hunger Games

I love Katniss and Peeta as a couple because they make me feel good. There was this “love triangle” between Katniss, Peeta and Gale, but one thing that I think readers (or movie-goers) need to recognize (if they don’t already) is that Peeta and Gale are symbolic. Gale represents Katniss’s old life, he represents the fire and the desire to fight. Peeta represents Katniss’s new life, he represents her being a survivor and her desire to hold onto kindness and humanity. I love Peeta because he of his kindness and because of how much he loves Katniss; he was willing to die for her even without knowing (or seemingly caring) if she felt the same. For along time, Katniss didn’t really even seem to realize how much she loved Peeta, but she began to be willing to die for him to.


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