The things I have made art of recently 

I love art. I enjoyed it as a child/teenager and always wanted to do more during university. Now that I’m done, I’ve finally committed to it and I must admit that the more I do the more I love it. I’m still discovering what my favourite medium is and all that. Thought I’d share some of what I’ve done so far.

My rendition of the popular KISS logo The KISS mouth symbol for my boyfriends office at work.

Always take me seriously if I suggest I might want to use sparkles in my art. – September 29, 2015

Halloween wine bottles, just waiting to be lit up with Christmas lights Sparkly Halloween themed wine glasses.

  • green and black acrylic paint with golden sparkles sprayed on it
  • blue sparked mixed into black paint on the second from the left blotte
  • gold sparkles mixed into glitter and sequin glue to drip down the bottles
  • orange and sprayed gold glitter and black polka dots.

I will be shoving Christmas lights into the bottles to light them up. – October 3, 2015

Water colour blues and purples with an acrylic pearly colour painted over it.  Water colour blues and purples with an acrylic pearly colour painted over the water coloured background to make it all shimmery. – October 8, 2015

Got the inspiration from one of my friends.  The best part was practicing blending the water colour paints from blue to purple

IMG_0345 The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland – October 12, 2015

Decided to go with pencil crayon for this one.

A different abstract kind of power line. – October 6, 2015

 Some good ol’ fan art. Doctor Who and Harry Potter mash up. – November 8, 2015

 Ravenclaw house crest – November 9,2015

 Not even sure what to call this – November 15, 2015

Abstract thing to decorate a bathroom

 A cupcake painting for my boyfriend. 💕💕 – November 23, 2015


     Mostly Christmas gifts and cards made during late November and early to mid December


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