Crystal Kingdom: The Kanin Chronicles (book 3) by Amanda Hocking 

IMG_0412Crystal Kingdom is the third and final instalment of Amanda Hocking’s self-published trilogy, The Kanin Chronicles.

Bryn, accused of murder and treason, has fled her home and ended up in cahoots with Konstantin, a man who has been on the run for the last 4 years for his own crimes. Konstantin had, in fact, been involved in the treasonous actions he was accused of but had seen the light and he is now attempting to redeem himself. Afraid for her family and friends, Bryn is desperately trying to find a way to save them before anyone else has to get hurt.

I love it when I am able to get a hold of a good YA novel like Crystal Kingdom. I blasted through the book in about 2 and a half days and I really enjoyed it. I found the book to be equal parts light and intense, which is an odd combination, but I found the book was an easy read, not too text heavy, but the warring aspect of the book was the intense part.

I liked that Konstantin was allowed to redeem himself and that Bryn realized that loving someone was not something she had to reject as a weakness but was something that could make her stronger.

Overall, the series was really enjoyable.

If you want to start the series, you can also get Frostfire (book 1) and Ice Kissed (book 2).

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