Smoothies and Frozen Fruit

Smoothies are fantastic, like, seriously. I am starting to get into them again, which I love. I got kind of burned out after having them practically every day with very little variety. This time around, I am purposefully making myself try all sorts of new smoothies all the time to keep it more interesting. Here is a good one:


Orange Creamsicle * 1 orange peeled * 1/4 cup vanilla yogurt (I used plain coconut milk yogurt) * 1 cup orange juice * 1/4 tsp vanilla extract * handful of ice cubes ~ courtesy of Shay Mitchell’s YouTube channel

I am even working on my very own smoothie book via InDesign so that I will remember all of the delicious smoothie idea that I am introduced to or that I create myself for future reference.

A really nice benefit of smoothies is that it is a really good way to sneak in things like vegetables (you won’t even notice the spinach) and other things packed with wonderful nutritional benefits, like ginger, which I always have but never seem to get to use enough of.

The hardest part about smoothies is trying to keep enough fresh fruit and veggies around. Something I have taken to doing is freezing ripe fruit (e.g. ripe bananas and raspberries), that way they won’t go bad and I can reuse them for smoothies. If someone would like to gift a second freezer to me, then you’d be ever so kind.

Freezing fruit (or veggies) is best done by cutting it up (unless it’s already small, like berries), spreading on a pan, and then sticking into baggies to live in the freezer until needed again.

Some fruit, like papaya, I’ll never eat unless it’s in a smoothie, so I’ll just buy a bunch and automatically cut it up into pieces for freezing (unless I want to use it right away).

Another clever thing I discovered a while back is for avocado; you can blend it up and then freezing it in ice cube trays. As many of you may know, avocados are finicky, one day they’re rock hard and inedible, the next they’re soft and moldy (and still not edible), and the frame of time to eat them can be short, so this is a fabulous way to preserve them if you need them for things like smoothies.

Smoothies make me wish I lived in a tropical place where avocados, mangoes and papaya could grow in my back yard. But until then, I’ll take inspiration where it falls and keep on freezing my fruit and enjoying my fruits and veggies in smoothies.


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