9.5 YouTube channel recommendations

Cinema Sins

… Enough said? Videos that goes through what sins the video-makers think a movie has made. Even if I don’t agree with the criticism, its pretty amusing most of the time.

Healthcare Triage

Dr. Aaron Carroll is an American paediatrician who makes these videos about various health care things, from how the system works to explaining drugs, how they’re used, red meat + health, your personal health, and more.

How to Adult

Emma and Michael are the hosts of this channel about “How to Adult”, videos include things like how to buy a house, if you should buy a house, how to remove stains, and how you can vacation without going broke. Oh, and it’s actually fun to watch.

Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen is suuuuper quirky and I think it’s awesome. I love her makeup tutorials and she talks about travelling a lot, and cooking tutorials are in there too. A while back she made her coming out video (yay!), so ultra props. Yeah, she’s just a super fun person to watch on YouTube. You should check out her other channel too; TheGridMonster (this is the 9.5th or 10th channel if you are counting)

Lindsey Stirling

Violinist, dancer, music writer and more… Lindsey has some serious artistic talent in her videos and I find them so much fun to watch. It’s like watching a 4 minute violin-included play and it’s kind of cool because it’s more electronic or rock-esqued. I only recently found out about her and I am really into her videos now : ) ** check out her album on iTunes

Meghan Rienks

Meghan is another YouTube who I am new to watching and I really enjoy her videos. The monkey bread one is awesome, and she does tutorials and “behind the scenes” sort of stuff (shopping hauls?). She’s also talked about her depression and anxiety in one or two videos (definitely 2, maybe more…) and I give her super props for that because I think that it’s great when people are open about their experiences, it can be really helpful to others.

Shay Mitchell

Many of you probably know Shay from Pretty Little Liars where she plays Emily Fields. She has been active on her YouTube channel for a little over a year now. I recently started watching it and I am in love. The video I have chosen to feature is one of my favourites but I also really enjoy her videos about her travels and her Q&A sessions and pretty much everything else.

Taylor Davis

Taylor Davis is another incredible violinist and, kind of like Lindsey Stirling, writes her own music or does theme songs from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Halo, etc. and makes videos. Her style of playing is different than Lindsey’s, making both of them unique and epic listens.


The vlogbrothers consist of John and Hank Green – John wrote The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns for those of who you aren’t sure who he (or Hank) is. Over the years, they’ve created a pretty awesome online community, known as Nerdfighteria, and they talk about all kinds of cool stuff (world events, life, social activism, writing). This YouTube channel is just the surface of what they do. If get into the community check out the next channels; CrashCourse and SciShow, plus John for sure is pals with Dr. Aaron Carrol from HealthCare Triage, and I am 95% sure they’re super closely knit with Emma and Michael from How To Adult (they’re in the community), and John’s wife, Sarah, has another show called Art Show.


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