Review: Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration by Ed Catmull with Amy Wallace

ixar img_0779Creativity, Inc. was written by Ed Catmull, who is the president of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation, with Amy Wallace. It was published on April 8, 2014. It is an great book that revolutionizes the way that leaders can lead and support their team(s) in doing their best and most creative work. This book would certainly fall into a business category, by my estimation but it is anything but boring, which is what I would typically expect from books in that genre. I found Creativity, Inc. inspiring and engaging.

Ed Catmull’s wrote Creativity, Inc. with Amy Wallace as a way to provide insight and advice to leaders and managers or people who aspire to be a leader in the future and would like to begin learning and developing their skills. It provides amazing advice based on his experiences about how to actually lead on a how-to basis, such as talking about how he fostered a positive candid and creative space at Pixar where every employee has the power to provide feedback. Catmulls uses examples with concrete things, such as the Brain Trust meetings, and philosophies, such as strongly encouraging candidness, as I mentioned, and encouraging the ideas of others.

Creativity, Inc. is interesting, I think, because of it’s uniqueness in it’s genre. It is also told from a more creative point of view, but in a way that incorporates multiple fields within one creative organization, from marketing to technology, to animation, to production. I feel like hearing about how to leaf from someone like this, versus an economist or a conservative business person, makes a huge difference for the different point of view and level of engagement.

I also really liked hearing about how Pixar was formed – originally at LucasFilms by the way – and then how it grew and changed and is now owned by Disney Studios. Ed Catmull is, from what I could tell, a huge influence in the computer animation field; he started this way back in the 1970’s before movies were ever made on computer and it was his team at Pixar that made Toy Story, the first movie to ever be fully computer animated, which is pretty amazing. Considering how Pixar has made amazing movies like Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Up, I thought it was really cool to learn about how they got started.


Since I want to have a leadership role in my career someday, interesting books like these are very valuable. I think that every young person should read Creativity, Inc. because it is revolutionary and super informative.

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