Enjoying Providence, RI — Brown University, RISD Museum and The Duck & Bunny

A new trend of mine is to have 1 or 2 days of free time in a city and quickly do some research on places I’d like to see and do in that city. It’s so much fun to pick out a few key things I’d like to see, whether it’s the gorgeous Catholic cathedrals in Quito, the Panama Canal in Panama City, the EMP museum and the Space Needle in Seattle. Most recently, I saw RISD and Brown University and stopped at a lovely cafe called The Duck & Bunny in Providence.

Brown University

I was silly excited to see an Ivy League university. I must admit, while Brown isn’t exactly Hogwarts, it is probably the most architecturally gorgeous campus I’ve ever personally been on.


I loved all of the older styled buildings. I am not even sure what exactly went on in this building above ^^^, although I recall it being something scientific, like psychology or life sciences. The architecture of it kind of reminds me of a cathedral. Plus, there is the statue of the dude on a horse, which is a lot bigger in reality than it appears in the picture.


Another thing I thought was cool about the Brown campus is that you can see different styled buildings to the right and to the front, but they’re all incredible and nice looking versus having some blah-styled buildings beside the nice ones.


And who doesn’t want to live in a yellow house? To be honest, I don’t even know if it was a residence or not. Since it was directly across the street from the main campus, it may have been offices. I love the styling of the balconies and the pillars for the door.

RISD Museum

RISD is said like riz-dee, not R-I-S-D or rizd, for those of you who do not know. I say this becauseI didn’t know and I had to ask how people said it. RISD stands for the Rhode Island School of Design, which is a separate school from Brown University, but they’re on the same chunk of land known as College Hill. RISD also has RISD Museum, which is full of art, both ancient, contemporary and student made.


This is the kind of museum where even the rocks are artistic, which I assume are intended to be sat on considering the general shape.


At RISD, it was recommended that I start on the top floor and work my way down. On the 6th (upper) floor I spent so much time admiring this incredible chandelier. It’s as if snakes were made into something beautifully artistic. Although, I’m sorry if some of you are scared of snakes and I’ve just put a terrifying image in your head. Needless it say, the chandelier is impressive and probably the size of 2 humans.


Other things on the upper level included Egyptian and Asian art. It was really cool to see all of the cool Buddhas and Hindi gods.


On other floors, I got to walk through entire galleries of European medieval and Victorian art and sculptures.

Other gallery areas included student art, but I didn’t take any pictures in those spaces. RISD is so cool and I really enjoyed the space. The descriptions with many of the art pieces were very detailed too, which I was very impressed with.

The Duck and Bunny

Rumour has it that Emma Watson frequented The Duck and Bunny, who starred Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and is now a spokesperson for He For She. She’s since graduated, but I was totally into checking out a place that she might have liked.



For starters, The Duck and Bunny is actually super cute. It’s located in this really cute pink house about a 10-15 minute walk from RISD Museum.

Inside, I enjoyed some super yummy eggs Benedict with smoked salmon on a type of rosemary bread at the recommendation of the lovely waitress. I picked out the coconut truffle tea because I’ve never tried a tea like that. Plus, oh my gosh, the cupcakes are to die for. I had to think for a few minutes which of the amazing flavours I wanted to try. Did I want banana Nutella, or coconut cream, or chocolate peanut butter, or any number of the other choices? I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many epic gourmet cupcakes. I was amazed and ended up picking two (banana Nutella and coconut cream) and I brought one back to the hotel with me in a takeaway container.

Then, because the coconut truffle tea was so delicious, I purchased a tin to come home with me. I already have a silly large amount of tea at home, but that’s ok, I can always add to my collection when it’s that amazing. I also really like the canning jar styled container that they used at The Duck and Bunny for the tea.

RISD Museum Gift Shop Purchases

These are my RISD Museum gift shop purchases for a few people in my life. My boyfriend, mother and brother all have March birthdays so they all get to be the recipients of my travelling purchases.

The drum stick cooking spoons are for my music loving boyfriend. I distinctly remember him making a comment about such a thing a while ago, so it was a good find.

The glass bird is for me because I love it. I want to put it on my future office desk.

The glass wine stopper is so pretty and I am giving it to my mom.

I picked this out for my brother who is an engineer. It’s basically a shot glass with 6 options from 0.5 oz to 2.25 oz. I thought it was a clever artsy but kind of sciencey / technically way to present the typical shot glass.

Final words…

All in all, my free day in Rhode Island was amazing and I could definitely have spent even more time at both Brown and RISD museum. Maybe next time I’ll schedule a tour of the campus for a more in depth view. If I’d had more time, I would have also gone to Newport, which is a wealthy community nearby with a lot of old money and giant mansions. Mansions are fun to admire.

I hope that this will inspire a few of you who may be going to Providence, Rhode Island in the future.


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