Friends of the Apparating Library 2016

The Harry Potter Alliance and the community I am a part of by volunteering with this most wonderful organization never ceases to amaze me. Friends of the Apparating Library 2016 is an Indiegogo-hosted fundraiser that will allow The Harry Potter Alliance to fund a massive book drive. It includes a massive book drive and resources to chapters for events that advocate for literacy and libraries.

This year, the book drive is benefiting a library at the Good Shepard School in Masaka, Uganda. The chapter in Uganda is amazing, they played a critical part in raising money for the school to be built. Originally, it wasn’t planned for a library to be built, and now that is being made possible by Friends of the Apparating Library.

It’s incredible and heartwarming to know what an amazing difference the Harry Potter Alliance community is making for people in places like Masaka and at home in the USA or Canada.

Plus, if you donate there are some pretty incredible perks. Personally, I made 3 separate donations for the Restricted Section Decal, Felix Felicis Mug and the Fiction Kitchen Author Cookbook. I actually don’t know which I am more excited about and this is just a small look at the awesome perks available.

ovkr7madfblsxqowobbo.jpg  gnfzfwqf4cbi4efyqzat.jpg  yxezzx8nfx84tyhlhiaj.jpg

Perks aside, Friends of the Apparating Library is an amazing fundraiser that will allow the Harry Potter Alliance to do even more amazing work and for this year to be the best Accio Books year yet! But don’t just take my word for it, you should check out the Friends of the Apparating Library page and see for yourself


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