Review: Leave Your Mark: Land your dream job. Kill it in your career. Rock social media. by Aliza Licht 

img_0477-11Leave Your Mark, written by Aliza Licht, is a great book for young people, or anyone from any walk of life, who would love a fresh perspective on career advice and personal branding.

Divided into four parts, Leave Your Mark covers four themes:

  • Landing your dream job
  • Killing it in your career
  • Rocking social media
  • Creating the brand of you

I really enjoyed the book and I felt personally invested in it because I am a new graduate who wants to work in PR and marketing. Basically, I would describe it as a field specific career advice book that is actually interesting (what a novel idea to not put me to sleep after 5 pages *sarcasm*). I love that this book was interesting and that I could actually detect a sense of humour. Things like talking about personal branding I think is really important. While I think people are getting better about it, the Internet has created a  be ultra aware about your personal identity and how the lines between personal and professional can be greatly affected by what you put online.

While I loved Leave Your Mark, I almost felt frustrated by reading Aliza’s book in part 1 (landing your dream job). Then I figured, you know, this book is good, she works in my field and I am positive that fresh perspective is probably just what I need. I was mostly frustrated because Aliza made it sound so easy, she never seemed to have trouble with unemployment, for example, she was lucky enough to secure an amazing internship with a very supportive mentor right away who referred her for a new position. But what if you aren’t that lucky? A lot of people, including myself, do all the right things (we network, our resume is as good as it’ll ever be, we’re friendly and intelligent), and the employment front is still moving as slow as molasses. But, like I said, a fresh perspective is always a good thing. Advice about personal branding can help me here with my blog, advice about networking is self explanatory about it’s helpfulness, and she even covered topics like asking for a raise or a promotion.


I feel like Leave Your Mark is a book that everyone can benefit from reading. Even if you aren’t in PR, marketing, or another related field, I feel like there is something here for all of us to learn. In my opinion, this is even more true with the job market being like it is (ultra competitive and very challenging for young people). If you read Leave Your Mark, I hope that you will get as much out of it as I did.

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