Berry / Fruit Pie Recipe

This is probably my favourite pie recipe because A) I finally got it to a point where the sugar isn’t so much that you’re going to be an instant diabetic and B) It is suuuper good and fruity (obviously lol).

I thought I’d share my version of fruit / berry pie. It’s hard to find something that’s simple and lower in sugar so here we go.



  • About 3 cups of fruit or berries
    • last time I used 2 cups of blackberries and 1 cup of raspberries
  • 1/4 – 1/3 cup of agave syrup
    • it tastes different than regular sugar and I find it mixes really nicely with fruit
  • 1/4 cup of cornstarch
    • I’ve also swapped it out for flour once when I didn’t have cornstarch but cornstarch works better so there’s that
  • Deep dish pie crust
    • or make your own if your ambitious

Ingredient Tips

  • If you’re using apple, try adding in some nutmeg and cinnamon (apple classics), but just don’t over do it (like probably 1-2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp of nutmeg)
    • Spices can also be added to peach pie or berry pie if that suits your fancy


  • Preheat oven: 375* F
  • Put the fruit, agave syrup and cornstarch into a pot
  • Let it chill out on the stove for a bit – you have to stir it occasionally, but I usually put a lid on it. It takes 5 to 15 minutes, depending on how quickly the fruit softens up and how hot your stove is (I usually go a little over medium high)
    • I do this to get the juices to come out of the fruit. When I’ve sort of pre-heated/cooked the fruit, especially when it’s berries, I’ve notice that the fruit comes out a lot less watery
  • Pop the berries into the pie. Add more if needed.
  • Seal up the pie (pinch the edges with your fingers)
  • Poke holes into the pie with a fork (it lets air out, I’m sure some pie expert could explain why it’s necessary
  • Gently mould the top pie crust to the fruit – I’ve noticed that it kind of helps with the crust not falling apart later and stuff
  • Cook for 45 – 60 minutes (I’ve done it for 45-50 most times, but I give it up to 60 just in case, it’s not like I’ve ever set fire to the pie so….

Ok, hopefully you like the pie! Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Berry / Fruit Pie Recipe

  1. Nice recipe.
    I got used to using Instant Tapioca granules for thickening the juice in a pie.
    There is no flavour to Tapioca.
    The Instant Formula dissolves and blends perfectly during the normal cooking time of pie.
    The jelled juice is “clear” compared to the mucky mud of using flour.
    2 TBSP for a normal pie is usually enough


  2. Another trick.
    If you use frozen fruit–like in winter time.
    They can release a huge amount of liquid after defrosting. Don’t throw it away
    Strain and boil off at least 3/4 of the fluid.
    Cool and return to the fruit so you don’t lose any flavour. Then proceed with recipe like normal


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