Learning the violin?! So much excitement!!!

After a year of thinking about it I am finally going to try to learn how to play the violin! I found a violin on Kijiji for a really reasonable price. For now, I am going to teach myself via YouTube tutorials and such.

I started with some light reading on blog posts like 5 Things You’ll Need to Know Before Learning Violin. A lot of that is self-explanatory, I have a brother who plays clarinet and that didn’t exactly sound wonderful at the start either (sorry, brother! you’re good now!).

I am slightly considering getting a cheap tripod (or borrowing one) and filming my efforts! I guess I could just have my boyfriend hold up my cellphone too but my Nikon camera just happens to take stunning videos, like the one I have of a hawk flying (crystal clear!) so why not record my attempts in crystal clear clarity.

Also… Let’s be clear that I also need to figure out how to even play a violin. That’s something I planned to do once a violin was in my possession so let the learning commence…

Someday, I will be passable though, like these people. Bam! Inspiration! Seriously though, Lindsey Stirling and Taylor Davis are the two violin playing YouTubers who I absolutely love watching/ listening to.

Side note: Why are people so polarized on My Heart Will Go On? I looooove this song.


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