I have my violin! 

So much yay! I am really thrilled to have the violin in my possession. I have been hoping to learn for a little over a year. Now, I finally can.

Getting the violin wasn’t without its hiccups though. The guy I got it from probably thinks I’m totally off my rocker now. I had to change the time we were going to meet and then I showed up and had apparently forgotten my wallet! Oops. That wasn’t embarrassing at all. Totally was. Thankfully my boyfriend  drove because I didn’t know how to get to the small little town out of the city, so at least I wasn’t breaking the law at the same time. So I run home and get my wallet, except that by run I mean driving as  reasonably quickly as the law permits.

Any ways, it’s all good now and it is currently chilling in my living room. I am super stoked to start learning how to play. But, alas, the first order of business was to tune it.

I am not very good at tuning yet; I actually had a guitar string snap on me one time, and while this is probably normal I didn’t want to do this again on my first day with a violin. Also, I am super happy the guy gave me a tuner with it since I never quite learned how to tune by ear. People who can tune by ear are awesome and have far more skill in that department than I so hurrah to them!


Also I found this helpful picture so I know what note to tune to without always having to re-Google the notes:

It’s not as easy as it looks to tune to a specific letter either, I had the E playing an A or something for a bit and it was kind of all out of whack until I figured it out. The tuner that came with it is nice because it can switch between multiple instruments like guitar, violin and cello and it’ll show me if it is on the flat or sharp side. I think that’s pretty standard for a tuner though, but still…

Finally, I found a good video about how to rosin a bow. Clearly this let’s-learn-the-violin endeavour was well researched if I was sitting there being like “well, I guess this stuff probably goes on the bow hair/string things? Ok, to be sure, let’s find out”. Alas, clearly I am not alone because otherwise these videos wouldn’t exist and I found it quite helpful:

All in all, it took me about 35 minutes to tune it and deal with the rosin. I’ll get way faster with it once I get better though.

My goal for now is to try to play a little every day even if it is only for 5 minutes. I have been binge listening to Taylor Davis and Lindsey Stirling all day to get pumped up about this. I am super stoked to start learning stuff like Hedwig’s Theme (the theme from Harry Potter) and maybe the Game of Thrones theme song too – the movie junkie in me looooves to play theme song music.


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