Why is my violin’s E string making weird scratchy noises?

Serious, why? It doesn’t happen on the other strings so I’m going to fix this.

I found this blog post, How to STOP Your E String from Whistling, Squeaking or Scratching, which also comes with a video (below), so yay for multiple formats to begin answering this question.

I’m actually finding this pretty helpful right now, so I’ll go with that.

Also, can I just add that this is the first time I’ve tried to teach myself an instrument with the help of (free) online resources. I am super impressed with the abundance of helpful information out there. I don’t want to in any way discredit music teachers because I have also had music teachers in the past for piano and guitar and found it to be very helpful as well because the internet isn’t always going to be able to help me improve my technique when a IRL human can help. I’m just saying that it’s super helpful that there is so much stuff available to get me going.


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