Summer watching on Netflix

** This list is based on what I can access on the Canadian Netflix, sorry if you can’t access all the shows in your country (I for one am so disappointed that I can’t get Parks and Recreation here when I could in the USA).

Orange-is-the-New-Black.jpg(1) Orange is the New Black

This show is amazing and if you haven’t seen it already, then you really must. Basically, in season 1 sees Piper having to serve time in a women’s prison for something that she was involved with about 10 years prior. Welcome to life inside a prison….



(2) Call The Midwife

I just started Call the Midwife and I am almost done season 1. It’s about a young woman who has trained to be a nurse and a midwife in England in the 1950’s. I’ve really been enjoying the characters, their interactions, and the historical context.


GRACEFRANK-e1431258202148.png(3) Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie have been married to their husbands for decades. Only then they find out their husbands are gay and have been having an affair together for ages, so they divorce and the husbands get together. The family is thrown into turmoil. Grace and Frankie basically live together to support each other through this time but they’re really different people. It’s actually an absolutely hilarious show.


imgres.jpg(4) The 100

The 100 is a post-apocalyptic world where these people are living on a spaceship typed thing, there are also grounders (people who survived the nuclear winter) and then other people who are living underground. Initially, 100 kids are sent to earth. One thing leads to another and there is war and alliances and so forth.


Supernatural_Season_10_Poster_HD_+_Text.png(5) Supernatural

Supernatural has Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers, as the protagonists who are demon / monster hunters. They were raised by their dad after losing their mom. As time goes on, the lanscape gets worse and populated with angels and the king of Hell, mainly Castiel (angel) and Crowley (king of Hell). It’s actually so addictive and a show I have enjoyed rewatching.
unbreakable-kimmy-schmidt-poster.jpg(6) The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy was recruited by a cult at 15 and kept in an underground bunker for another 15 years because (supposedly) the world had ended. Any ways, so she gets out and decides to get her life back and starts by moving to New York City. The show is fully of ultra quirky characters and is just really funny and touching.


8258dee5046a10452b4ab90769d6db33a028c1c2.jpg(7) Jessica Jones

Jessica is a private investigator who, as far what I can tell, is basically suffering from PTSD after being mind controlled by her former partner. She and this former partner, a guy named Kilgrave, have special powers. Kigrave isn’t dead and not he’s out to get her. It’s dark, kind of twisted and super interesting.


Heartland_620x296_MediaCentre-thumb-620xauto-379864.jpg(8) Heartland

Set in Alberta, Amy Fleming, her family, and her boyfriend (Ty) live on a ranch. After the death of her mom, Amy took over the business of working with horses who need help and healing. Her sister starts a dude ranch (and gets her own family), Ty is working toward becoming a veterinarian. Canadian made, Canadian scenery, Canadian actors, that’s always a bonus too. Plus, horses, although I firmly believe there is enough going on outside of horses that this is hardly a prerequisite to enjoying the show.

Downton Abbey

Set in the early 1900’s, not too long before the start of WWI, the show follows the Crawley family and their servants in their grand and fancy home. Lord Grantham and his wife have three daughters who are pursuing different lives than they would have expected, mostly because of women’s suffrage, and that’s all grand and well. They’re also dealing with a lot of social and economic changes. It’s such a historically interesting (and seemingly reasonably accurate as fiction can be). Honestly, I could probably spend a whole post just talking about the intricacies of the characters and their relationships. So worth it.


gilmore-girls-cast.png(10) Gilmore Girls

This show wrapped up it’s 7th and final season in 2007. It’s about a mom and daughter, the mom’s stuck up rich grandparents, the mom’s dream of opening an inn, the daughter’s dream of going to an Ivy League university and being a journalist, and a whole ton of whacky characters, love stories, funnies, and friends. If you haven’t seen this show yet, you really ought to set time aside to binge on it. They’re doing a reboot soon, which is so exciting.


5 thoughts on “Summer watching on Netflix

  1. Wow -so many of your Netflix suggestions are for shows that I’ve watched and enjoyed. Thanks for the additional suggestions!


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