Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Titan’s Curse, book 3 by Rick Riordan 

img_0534I am addicted to this series, it’s so good and it’s such an easy read that it’s proving to be easy to just blow through the books at light speed.

Ok so in Percy Jackson and the Olympians; The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan we’re looking at the third book in the series now. Percy, son of Poseidon, is 14 now. Percy rushes off with Annabeth, daughter of Athena and Percy’s friend and fellow half-blood, to help Grover, their satyr friend, who has tracked down two other half-blood siblings who are reportedly powerful and those two kids have no idea what’s up. (These kids are Nico and Bianca di Angelo for future reference)

One thing leads to another with a monster and they end up getting help from Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt. Only then Artemis and Annabeth end up being kidnapped by Luke, a rebelling half-blood, and his Kronos-supporting cronies. There are a few new players on the field and all new dynamics, including the parentage of Nico and Bianca. A quest to rescue Artemis and Annabeth is going to leave without Percy, so Percy gets the help of a pegasus to leave and help protect Bianca at the request of Nico. At some point Percy rescues this ophiotaurus that he calls Bessie.

So along the way, things go down and they have to fight the bad guys off, as usual because a quest simply cannot be easy. They find Annabeth and Artemis where Atlas has tricked Artemis into holding up the sky. Again, more things lead to other things and it turns out that Bessie is basically going to be used as a poor unfortunate sacrifice and Percy also has to stop that.

I don’t want to give away too much more because, really, why would I want to ruin all of the surprises.

I really like this series if that isn’t obvious yet. For one, I get the impression that Rick Riordan probably planned them out from the start, just because of how he chooses to deliver information. It’s not like he’s like “hm, I’m randomly introducing this new god for shits and giggles, like he seems to introduce certain gods or titans or mythological creatures at different times to allow them to be properly digested instead of just inundating readers with everyone all at once. In that way, he does justice to the characters and the Greek mythology. One thing to keep in mind is that these books are YA, so obviously he’s not trying to give us Odyssey level complexity because, really, I think it is a rare person who wants to read that sort of thing on a regular basis (an impressively rare though to be clear).

A great thing about Percy Jackson and the Olympians series in general is that the individual books are also super easy and quick reads so far. It’s a refreshing break after reading these really heavy and often long books; and I mean heavy in terms of context (like topics and themes and such) as well as just being text heavy. It’s definitely a refreshing change to have a nice easy read that is still engaging and informative.

All in all, fabulous series up to this point and I can see why several of my friends think it is so amazing and told me to read it.

Title: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Titan’s Curse – book 3

Autor: Rick Riordan

Publication: May 11, 2007

Publisher: Miramax Books / Hyperion Books for children

Genre: Fantasy, Young adult, Greek mythology

Page Count: 312


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